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  1. Thanks for your reply, Rebel. I did check the website but they don't even list the model, and the rest of the rods listed are also different from the ones they sell in Australia. I sent them an email a few days ago and haven't heard anything back yet.
  2. Hi, Raiders I am interested in adding the savage gear 1dfr 12 foot spin rod to my arsenal for some light surf fishing in the coming months. I really like the way it looks but couldn't find one to try out in any a shop store in Sydney - unbelievable, right? So I wonder if anyone here has owned one before and would like to share his experience with the rod? Like rod weight, cast weight, comparison with mainstream brand rod etc? Many thanks.
  3. Thank you for your reply, Derek. I did followed that channel and have learned a lot from the host. He highly recommended the bream surface version for fishing in flats. However, it seems the 270 ul might have the slight edge over it, as it is more flexible with line weight and lure cast weight, like you pointed out. Anyway, I will find time to try both them out in the tackle shop. Thanks again for sharing your view.
  4. Good recommendation on the Atomic Arrowz series, Derek. I have been using the lighter version of the one you recommended and it has been a great rod for hard body lures, thanks to its whippy and sensitive tip. However, I found it not stiff enough to set the hook when i fished with soft plastics. In fact, i have been thinking of upgrading it to either the one you mentioned (arrowz estuary 270ul) or the arrowz bream surface rod 270bs. Have you by any chance tried both? Which one is a better all-rounder lure fishing rod in your opinion? Thanks.
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