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  1. Tough morning fishing at Winnie today. Made it down before sunrise and managed a decent spot despite there already being a half dozen fisherman on the ledges. Lobbed out every stickbait and soft plastic in my arsenal for zero interest. A few schools of salmon came through and managed a couple of hookups on metals pelted into the melee, but fish self-released when being landed (not too bothered about losing salmon!). None of the kingies that I'd been hoping for although a fella next to me landed a huge Slimy and a small snapper on Gulps. Hopefully water warms up soon and bonnies and
  2. Exactly the information I was chasing, much appreciated.
  3. What size hook/weight would you use on a 6" slapstix to work midwater, assuming no current? I've gotta dial in the kingies this year (fish Central Coast area from rocks) after a few years break from fishing! Have historically just spun metals but have only had a few small kings amongst a million bonito, salmon, tuna etc
  4. Salmon, salmon and salmon mate. I'll follow this though to see if anyone else has had more luck!
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