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  1. Hi mrsswordfisherman I sent the DPI the email, requesting for all of the current Go Fishing Sydney Guides. I gave them my name and address. I sort of want all of the guides because I catch all of those types of fish, and I want to find better fishing spots and techniques to catch those species of fish. What happens now? Cheers Azza_Fishing
  2. Hi I am going fishing this weekend and I was wondering where would the best place to fish in Sydney, with lures (Zman slim swimz and grubz). I would like to go someplace where you can catch big flatties and bream. I live in Castle Hill, so the maximum driving time I can do is 2 hours to get there. Any Suggestions? Cheers Azza_Fishing
  3. Caught this stonker of a bream on cooked prawn. Measured out to be 48cm - PB Caught at Berowra Waters