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  1. Thanks, What type of plastic did she use (was it the jerk shad) and what was the sized hook and weight that was in the rig. Also what is that lake/estuary you went to. Thanks heaps, Aaron
  2. G'day fishraiders, Heading out on a boat at Hawkesbury River, and I need to buy some new lures. Right now the only jewie lures I have are the Berkley Shimma Shad 100 in frosty gaze and 65 in golden ticket. What other lures would you recommend to chuck on the end of my line. I am going on a boat, so if you could also recommend some hot spots for jewies near Hawkesbury Marina. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  3. I still have the receipt and there is no damage, however I have already used it, so I can't return it
  4. I'll give it a go. Do you have any suggestions for the plastics/hardbodies to use for targeting the big flathead and jewfish. Cheers Aaron
  5. It is the Daiwa Revros Baitcaster Rod (1 piece) graphite.
  6. Hi all, Today I made the worst mistake possible and bought the wrong rod and line to go with my baitcaster. I bought an 8lb braid (0.13mm) and then I bought a baitcaster rod which has a cast weight of 10-30g and line from 6-12kg. I was talking to some of my mates and they said the rod I bought is suited for kingfish and other big species rather than small estuary fish such as bream, whiting and smaller flathead (bought the rod to target those species). I can't return it to a shop because of their no return POLICY. Don't know if I should keep the 8lb braid on, or just take it all of
  7. Hi all, I am looking to go for a fish in the hawkesbury river/berowra waters area over the weekend. I haven't decided exactly which one to go to, but if you could give me suggestions for both. I am going to hire a BBQ boat and have a couple of mates over with me, to go fishing. Which places would you all recommend to go which is great for flathhead, Jewies and squid, via a boat. They can be different areas. I am hiring a boat at Brooklyn, which is in Hawkesbury river, or in the Berowra Waters Marina, depending on which one I choose, so I want to go fish at a place, that is not too
  8. @FishyMcFishFace yeah its great fun on topwater, especially for tailor. I have caught a bunch of tailor on top water and they fight like crazy. Congrats on your first topwater tailor πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Its especially great to see them jump out of the water and take the lure. What colour and size sugpen did you use? For me my go to would be a C393 colour on a 95mm. Heres a photo of the tailor I caught a while ago. In my experience, I find catching tailor on top water, when the water is a little choppy and wavy to be the best, as it is the big splash that attracted them to my sugapen. Might of just been the d
  9. The rangers said that anywhere within the gates of the gardens counts as property of the Royal Botanical Gardens. They said that fishing is allowed outside and past the gates. Looking at where Mrs Macquarie chair/point is I am ASSUMING that it doesn't count as part of the Botanical gardens.
  10. Nice job mate, Stonker of a bream. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Whereabouts did you go in the Georges River
  11. They replied stating that we couldn't fish inside the botanical gardens, even if it casting out to darling harbour. The only place they said we could fish was outside the botanical garden gates. But if we are found to be irresponsible when casting and not looking at our surroundings the rangers have the authority to tell us to leave. Now I know, not to come here again, and at least now, I know whether or not we were allowed to fish there, and we're not allowed. Cheers Azza_Fishing
  12. He didn't really give a reason, he just said that we were not allowed to fish there, because we were on the Botanical Gardens property, however, we were fishing out into the cove. I am assuming the garden doesn't own the water and the cove.
  13. Yeah, when we got asked to leave one of the other rangers came up on us like a full on navy seal. He creeped up in his car behind us, parked it in the bush and came down to talk to us. As he approached us he literally had a body cam and recorded everything we said he will send this tape before a court. 🀣🀣🀣
  14. Yesterday, me and a mate decided to go for a fish around Sydney Harbour. We set out on the bus at around 10:15am and arriving in the city at 10:50am. We walked for about 20 minutes before settling down at the wharf next to the Opera House (Man'O'War Steps). We were there for about 2 hours but all we caught were a couple of leather jackets and a pigmy snapper. We then decided to walk along the stone wall and fish along the sides there as it looked promising as it was shallow and had a sandy bottom, so I thought it would be good for flathead. Me and my mate then continued working our way along t
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