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  1. Yeah shallow pan fry in a teeny bit of oil. I think the dark colour is due to my phoning in the squid cleaning before I cut it up. Tasty though !
  2. Yeah chowed down on some rings a couple weeks back from some pulled out at Rose Bay and I’m still alive ! word must’ve gotten around the squid population as I copped my first inking on Friday haha
  3. Great report and pics. That whiting is a real beauty, two hands required !
  4. Beautiful report mate and some cracking fish there. Congrats on a great run!
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9340565/Shark-attacks-fishermen-shallow-waters-Cocos-Keeling-Island.html Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shallows...fun bit of footage here. I guess this is a territorial display rather than them going for a feed?
  6. Incredible write up! Thanks so much for this. Niall one thing you mentioned is often the bream will come up on the side and take the front trebles. I often get splashes next to the side but no actual bite. What’s your theory on what is happening there? Are they just investigating or is that them missing? It often happens with a stationary lure. I see the same with top water whiting but the whiting keep trying and will hookup whereas with bream I get a little splash with no follow ups (even with scent). Is that them having a look and losing interest do you think? thank
  7. Great advice thank you Rebel. I just bought some Rock Hopper Mirages for $60 which should arrive tomorrow. The belt with rodholder is a great recommendation too and I’ll certainly seek one out. I just blew out on a ton of new lures and the boots so perhaps next month Cheers **edit - the Rock hopper boots are incredible. What a game changer. I wish I’d got decent fishing boots months ago! Thanks Rebel!**
  8. Thanks for posting this. I’ve stared at that spot enviously on google earth a number of times but always presumed it was off limits due to the school. I’m also guilty of using maps and google earth to find out where these youtubers are fishing haha. It’s led me to a few new spots I’d not otherwise have tried. In addition to shroom and Windsor bait tackle I’ll chuck in ‘flick with mick’ who is doing tons of land based all around Sydney. His latest video was at Lilyfield and I must admit a bit of a chuckle when he lost a crank bait in the exact same spot I left one a couple of days ear
  9. Some beautiful fish there, well done! That’s a great to get mullet on lures. Were the mullet taking the ribbedfish or the cicadas on the surface?
  10. Land Based Lure Fishing – Shallow Flats / Mangrove edges (Parramatta River) First things first – I am a beginner fisherman. I began fishing only in May 2020 and spent many fishless months in the estuary systems before lure fishing finally ‘clicked’ late last year. In the past few months I’ve been fishing the Sydney estuary systems most days and I’ve learned enough to now be confident I can catch fish most days regardless of the tide. I don’t profess to be an expert and have much to learn myself, but hopefully I can share some of the learnings I’ve had as a new land-based lure
  11. Live prawns at the live bait store in Beverley Hills, 326 King George’s RD Beverley Hills. Was in there earlier today, live prawns $10 for 25 prawns. They also had yabbies and worms. A good place for those fishing after dark as this shop is open until like 11pm I think and opens crack of dawn as well. its near the corner of Moorefields Road by Roselands mall.
  12. Not an expert but I’ve been doing a lot of topwater last few months for bream and whiting with some success. overcast, windy, rising tide and not too deep has been getting best results for me. Bit of rain seems to be Ok too. generally speaking the fish need to feel brave enough to take a surface lure. Wind/rain/cloud gives them cover from predators like birds and they seem to be a bit more likely to hit in these conditions. great Topwater article in the library from Niall which I’d recommend reading. A recent doc lures podcast on st George basin bream was largely focused
  13. As a fellow beginner, let me echo the shout out for the podcast here. Three nights a week, I don’t know how he manages it. fantastic listening even for a beginner - the ALF podcast has been sent from the heavens. Australian content about Australian fish and absolutely loads of practical and specific information. Many episodes on flathead and a couple on fishing the Hawkesbury for jewfish and perch.
  14. Hi Kent! I don’t want to share the exact location I was but this was sand flats in the harbour. i also got one yesterday at George’s River (picnic point) so it seems anywhere with a sandy bottom and shallows. These were all in super close to shore and a lot shallower than I’d have thought. As in, only ankle or shin deep. I’d have a crack at Rose Bay sand flats. While it wasn’t where I caught this lot I do plan on having a crack at Rose with this lure over next couple weeks. Double Bay also has a similar sandy setup and I reckon there’s whiting to be had chucking out f
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