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  1. What a fantastic report and well done on the king! The risotto looks off the charts too!
  2. Hey @Little_Flatty how did the new pack work out? My current backpack is busting at the seams and I’m thinking of investing a bit more money in a dedicated fishing backpack. I was looking at some of the Daiwa and Berkeley ones. Tray storage is great and all but for mobile land-based I’m usually only taking one tray and the lighter the better really. Some of these pricey ones have space for 4 trays which is overkill I think for land based fishing. What did you go for and how you feeling about the investment a few months later?
  3. Good luck Maniac and I hope you rip out some big ones. What setup are you using for these? There was an episode of ALF podcast a few months ago about chasing flathead with jointed baits that got me interest and there seem to be a lot of specialised rods for these types of lures. I’ve been eyeing up a Daiwa Tatula .
  4. Thanks! The last couple of weeks the Cooks has come alive . I ended up with five EP and a couple of decent flathead (40/50cm) this week. Had a tough time releasing one of the flathead - after taking the lure out, it flopped in between some rocks on the shore and though she clearly wasn’t stuck I couldn’t pick her up at all, with her head determined to stay in the rocks. After about a minute it came free and I released it. Looking between the rocks there was a little tree root - I think it chomped down on it to stop me dragging her out. Clever girl !
  5. Yes we sure love Derek, another student here and he absolutely got me onto top water last year. Count me in when lockdown lifts !
  6. Thanks all! The fishing gods must be smiling on me as I got another one this evening! Unlike last night’s fight, this was short and sweet with little resistance. Strange how they can fight so differently under the same conditions around the same structure - I had thought this was a small bream at first. This fish firmly in the tenth or so “one last cast” window before heading home
  7. Hello all, Lockdown has been a tough period for fishing the last couple of months, and I’ve been trying to get to grips with the upper reaches of the Cooks River from Earlwood to Campsie in the evening before curfew. Things started well with plenty of bites, at the cost a million more snags. Early on in the lockdown when I first really focused on the Cooks, I hooked up to something enormous which shredded off my 6lb with ease. Hoping it was a Jewfish I went up to a 10lb leader for a bit of security - and then had a good month of no bites from anything. I was a month in and fishless! I’d tried it all - soft plastics, weedless, surface, blades, crankbaits , crabs - and nothing was happening. I gave up on looking for bigger fish and went back to 6lb a couple weeks ago, and the bites returned immediately with some small bream and flathead catches. Fishing lighter leader made a real difference, but this evening it was put to the test by my first ever EP. It was as expected hanging around under the Illawarra Rd bridge, and fought wonderfully - long hard peels to start with and some violent head shakes. It seemed like it would never run of stamina, but finally it was on land and all those nights of donuts were all worth it as it measured out at 42cm. It went for a Double Clutch, which I was only fishing at this snaggy hellhole as it was Father’s Day and the wife got me a a shop voucher, so why not roll the dice. Good luck out there everyone
  8. Great news mate glad you’ve cracked it! First of many more on the shrimps I am sure. Well done.
  9. Hiya Eli, I’ve been having some success with the zerek live shrimp (which is the smaller weedless version) with a constant slow roll and occasional flick/hop. It’s been performing well on bream in Sydney estuaries last few weeks. Though I’m a little sour about them at the moment as I lost one tonight, severed at the tail on the first bite after an hour of nothing. while it’s not the absolute shrimp specifically, this video covers shrimp lure retrieves a bit more generally and focuses more on a hopping technique. Give the temperatures at the moment I’m not sure there’s such a thing as too slow a retrieve. Fishing it slowly with small hops or a slow constant roll with occasional hops should see the bites.
  10. Yeah shallow pan fry in a teeny bit of oil. I think the dark colour is due to my phoning in the squid cleaning before I cut it up. Tasty though !
  11. Yeah chowed down on some rings a couple weeks back from some pulled out at Rose Bay and I’m still alive ! word must’ve gotten around the squid population as I copped my first inking on Friday haha
  12. Great report and pics. That whiting is a real beauty, two hands required !
  13. Beautiful report mate and some cracking fish there. Congrats on a great run!
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9340565/Shark-attacks-fishermen-shallow-waters-Cocos-Keeling-Island.html Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the shallows...fun bit of footage here. I guess this is a territorial display rather than them going for a feed?
  15. Incredible write up! Thanks so much for this. Niall one thing you mentioned is often the bream will come up on the side and take the front trebles. I often get splashes next to the side but no actual bite. What’s your theory on what is happening there? Are they just investigating or is that them missing? It often happens with a stationary lure. I see the same with top water whiting but the whiting keep trying and will hookup whereas with bream I get a little splash with no follow ups (even with scent). Is that them having a look and losing interest do you think? thanks, Mike
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