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  1. Absolute ripper of a bream mate, takes skill to land those buggers.
  2. Absolute monster well done!
  3. Unreal man gotta love spinning from the rocks
  4. Bacon and egg rolls on the boat cannot beat it 🤙 nice snapper too
  5. @kingie chaser very helpful thanks mate
  6. @Scratchie thanks mate! What would you estimate the weight of the fish to be??
  7. @Brendan Monks Thanks mate! Its a lovely place to fish reefs and shoals everywhere.
  8. 17/09/2020 Took a week off work to head up to South west rocks with a good mate of mine Potter and spend the week fishing around Grassy head, Scott’s, Fish rock and Black rock. After fishing these spots to an absolute pulp for only a handful of rat kings it was obvious that something was up. A complete lack of bait at any of the spots had us wondering what we could do to change our luck. After a chat at the pub over few beers we decided to head an hour north to Coffs Harbour for an early morning soft plastic session to see if we could land one of the snapper that the area is famous f
  9. Cheers! @Scratchie Yeah definitely mate it was the case for sure. As soon as the sun popped up they went very quiet. It was a very short but sweet session.
  10. @Berleyguts thanks mate!. Honestly if the conditions are favourable and you just take your time and have all the necessary safety gear it’s quite safe. That’s just my opinion though. It’s always worth the trip to get out there early and catch them while they are feeding pretty hard.
  11. Thanks everyone! Hope the report can help all of you get onto some good fish!.
  12. After a 3am start my younger brother Tyler and myself headed up to Port Stephens to chase some snapper around Broughton island. We arrived at shoal bay ramp at around 4:30am and made the journey from the heads to Broughton in the dark. With good winds predicted and a tide change right on first light we both had high hopes. We arrived at a reef just north of the island and began our first drift. Being sure to cut the outboard well upwind of our drift we started casting both opting for 7 inch Berkley gulp jerk shads, Tyler using the yakka snack colour and myself using garlicker.
  13. Thanks heaps @Hoods Thanks for the info thats quite interesting. It is the smallest bite from such a large fish!.
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