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  1. Mate they are all cracker fish! Is it heavily fished water down that way?
  2. This is absolutely unreal! The small blacks look like so much fun!
  3. What a catch! Unreal session I saw you guys out I recognise the boat! Such a nice fish @Scratchie
  4. Take a bucket load of plastics and jig heads mate you can’t go wrong! ✌️
  5. Well mate it’s a big morning for my brother and I when we do the trip. We leave home at about 3am and launch the boat at 4-4:20am. We then just take our time getting out there depending on conditions really. Then by 9:30-10 our eyes are hanging out of our heads and we are ready to come home 😂 hey age is just a number my friend!
  6. Thanks mate, was a good morning up there!. Next time you see a couple of blonde headed blokes in a black bluefin centre console come say hey 🤙 hope you got some fish.
  7. My younger brother and myself made our way up to Broughton early this morning to do what we love most and that’s throwing plastics for snapper. We got to the island just before first light, lined up our drift across our first reef and started casting. from then on for the next hour and a half it was pan sized snapper on tap. We landed 8-9 snapper in that short amount of time but no old man snapper unfortunately. every spot we fished held plenty of bait so that’s a good sign as I hear it’s been a bit quiet up there lately. my younger brother landed the largest snapper of the
  8. Unreal!, that photo is all time.🤙 lovely fish!
  9. Let the old fella/lass go so she can grow a touch older
  10. Fished Newcastle Harbour this morning with plans of sinking some hooks into some soapy jew. Fished the last quarter of the rising tide and the slack on high but couldn’t seem to spark the interest of any jew but did manage some bycatch! A single decent flatty and 2 hefty bream including my pb 🤙 I’m no bream fisho but still stoked none the less. Didn’t get much of chance to show its strength on the 20lb setup. 42cm!, caught on a Samaki Vibelicious 85mm in pearl shrimp. A pb is definitely something to be happy about no matter what fish your chasing!. Thanks for the read,
  11. Unreal mate lovely bass and it’s looks like a beautiful place to fish 🤙
  12. If you need some marks just message me mate
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