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  1. 20lb braid over an 8lb rated rod. Probably the weakest link would be the hook knot on the flouro trace. I use an FG knot between the main line and trace which is a 90%+ knot
  2. Paitience absolutely. An old but true statement is that the time your line breaks is when your patience runs out. With a poweful fish on light gear if you can survive the first long runs the fish will generally settle down and you can up the pressure. I also use judicious finger pressure to the side of the spool to increase the drag carefully during the pump and wind. The biggest concern with a long fight is the trace wearing through or the hook hole wearing larger and the hook dislodging. Use of quality trace line and smooth angling help to prevent these occurring. Hopefully this tuna was not “alone” and a few other Fishraiders may get get lucky over the next couple of weeks!
  3. Yep, real glad I invested in quality gear - the drag on the Stella 4000 got a HUGE workout!
  4. 50 minutes of the rod bent like a piece of spaghetti. Running 20lb braid and a 30lb flouro trace to an 8/0. Not brave - just sporting ?
  5. Absolutely! We catch them regularly at Port Stephens but this is a first for me in Sydney Harbour and especially that far upstream!
  6. Fished livies for kings at Seaforth Bluff this am. Unfortunately no kings but after a torrid 50 minute fight on an 8lb spin stick managed this lovely longtail tuna!
  7. Maybe, although I only ever seem to get 2 or 3 Redfin per session so they don't seem to be in plague proportions in Manly Dam?
  8. Quite a few bass in the dam too. Biggest to date 40cm but most are 20-25cm. I target them on tiny hard bodies cast and trolled from my kayak. Nice relaxing hour or two and over the last 2 years I have only had one trip with no fish. Not sure why there are no big bass in the dam... Also, all the redfin seem to be 10-20cm long - again you would have thought some would grow bigger?
  9. Sashimi (somewhat surprisingly) is actually really good too. Especially a smaller specimen that is bled and iced then consumed 12-24 hours later. +1 for the smoking Also good for Thai fishcakes!
  10. A few reports over the last couple of weeks of gemmies but not blue eye. There are back eddies forming in the SST charts, so you may find that the current is OK to drop. Sunday & Monday weather forecasts look OK for a trip wide.
  11. The problem is not that this beast will take more fish from the oceans (because the quota is not being increased) but rather it will make strong economical sense for it to take them from as small an area as it can (to save fuel and time). So local depletions are the real problem, the size of the vessel just allows it to keep fishing (potentially in the same location) while it fills its quota. Can you imagine the damage to recreational fishing and the economy of Port Stephens if it decided to net The Car Park? And why wouldn't it? Its obviously going to go wherever the largest aggregations of small pelagic's (bait) are. At times the volumes of slimy mackerel holding there are huge. The volume of small pelagic's around the Australian coastline is such that this quota is unlikely to have a major impact overall, but the threat of sever local depletion of stocks is very real and a huge problem!
  12. Finally managed a decent sized bass from Manly Dam. No measure so not 100% sure of size, but given the spool is almost 6cm across, the bass would be at least 30cm. Not a monster but satisfying given the number of trips in my kayak to find one!
  13. Lord Howe Island Great for some serious kingfish (very reliable) and at the right time of the year the wahoo and yellowfin are around. Also some serious marlin (but less predictable) Your better half would love the island No visa's, no long distance travel, no currency issues - but you feel like you are in a different world!
  14. Nothing on softies near the wall but I suspect I needed a heavier jig - it's pretty deep there! But I managed a slightly larger bass (30cm or so) from a patch of reeds half way up the dam. Lessons learned so far include the need to get the lure right next to or even in the lillies / reeds. Might need to look at a weedless rig and fire it right into the thick stuff. Second I must get a GoPro so I can snap the next larger specimen. Third a sounder would be handy to see just how deep the dam is near the wall.