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  1. Pretty much the same rig i was taught to use by the old guys fishing off luna park wharf 40yrs ago but they used mince meat for bait - probably because it was cheap and readily available . I went from handline to rod then back again - you can’t beat the feel you get with a handline and i noticed that when using a rod the yakkas always seemed to stay a little deeper and wider - maybe they could see the silhouette of the rod ?
  2. Next time you go to buy Mustad hooks take a look on the packet and see where they are made now ! I have always found that the suicide and 9555b hooks i used to use ( always Mustad) had eyes that would break if i tried to open them , must be something to do with the tempering process . I think that with the hooks that are designed for the user to make up gangs they leave the eye are softer so it can bend a little
  3. This was common back when Black bass fishing was all the rage - even after Jack Erskine re worked the drags on the reels they still couldn’t get enough drag pressure to stop the bigger bass ! I have seen photos of one guy with blisters on both thumbs that he got trying to stop a bulldozer heading back to its snag ! These days the drags are much better than what they had in the 80s and 90s !
  4. It will sink mate . If you are fishing off a wharf you will need to tie a rope onto it anyway so just tie it off so the bucket sits near the surface . You could try drilling the holes in the middle third or even 3/4 of the way up from the bottom of the bucket and that way when you put it into the water the top section will trap air and make it float ( provided your lid is airtight ) and when you lift it out of the water it will drian down to the bottom section leaving some water in there for your bait to swim in . There are other ways to make it float like an inner tube that fi
  5. If you have access to a drill and 6mm ( or there about ) drill bit just drill a heap of holes around the top third of your bucket ( use a bucket with a sealing lid ) or even better one of the plano bucket top tackle box units as you can cut the bottom out of one storage section to access the contents of the bucket with the unit fitted to the bucket and they have lids on the compartments that clip shut solidly , tie a rope to it and dangle the whole lot in the water . The holes in the top third allow some water to drain out when you lift it out of the water making it lighter but doesn’t let
  6. Most of the time i just use the same rag i clean the boat with but if they get really dirty or the rag won’t remove all of the scales from them i use one of those green scourer pads and they are also good for scrubbing the bait board down as well - just watch out for the epoxy on the fore grip binding as it will scratch it if you hit it with a scourer ! Use hot soapy water only !
  7. I often park my truck in there to have a snooze but this is usually varies between 2 and 6 am during the week but I haven’t seen any suspicious activities -that i can remember anyway , Can’t say what it is like on a weekend though . I would give the guys at Drummoyne bait and tackle or Ottos at Drummoyne a call as they are local to that ramp and may know of any problems there .
  8. I suffer from that constant wind issue too ! But mine always blows from the south and a foul wind she be 🤢☠️☠️☠️
  9. I have often looked down from the lookout above phegans bay and you can see the sand and weed patches - this screams out big flathead to me !
  10. I’m to blame ! Well maybe my boat is i dunno ! I booked my boat in for a service a couple of weeks back and it started raining the afternoon that i took the cover off it and hasn’t stopped since ! Back in 2007 i moved up to lake macquarie and all was going well until my boat turned up - within a week most of the central coast was declared a disaster zone from the massive storms that hit the region , no power for a week and the lake flooded but I didn’t dare mention that my boat had arrived a few days earlier - they might have burned me at the stake 😂
  11. You could also try the fishing club at the pub in Umina . When i fish that area it is usually drifting for flathead either side of the channel marker at half tide rocks . You really have to have your mind focused on your surroundings there on a weekend as it gets very busy ! You can fish the little beach opposite half tide rocks , an hour either side of high or low tide preferably on the neap tides and you want your bait to trot across the bottom . just north of that spot is the novotel and the channel swings to the east as you travel upstream to get around a decent sized
  12. Great idea ! I lost the handle on a new winch on its second trip and i now keep a spare in the back of my car . I don’t know if it fell off driving to park my car or some mongrel knocked it off and i also keep spare shackles for the trailer chain for this reason ! Fortunately for me i had a wheel brace that had the right size socket to fit the winch -bloody slow going but it got the boat on the trailer ! I still want to try a battery drill in low gear with a socket in the chuck to wind the winch over - lazy bugger i am !
  13. If the reels were mine i would s end them to Shimano or a certified Shimano service agent -that way you will get genuine parts ( quality) and someone who knows what they are doing and what to look for . I have bought bearings off many ebay sellers for various things and it is a lottery as to what you will get but usually they are crap . I know one thing for sure I wouldn’t be a happy camper if i hooked a good Marlin , fought it for a couple of hours only to lose it because the reel that old mate up the road who also fixes mowers, only charged a box of grog and “promised me he knows
  14. Yep she is a big girl ! Its a fantastic thing those fishos do ! Never seen one over 90 and a pb of 84 but I don’t usually target big flathead ( legal to 45 does me and fits on a plate better 🤤 ) but i do have an urge that is becoming more irresistible to go out and stalk the flats for one ! I was listening to a podcast today about how one group of people are trying to rebuild and re seed the oyster reefs that used to abound in the estuary systems in Nsw . This will give many benefits to the eco system and anglers in the future , a lot of fishos might be surprised at some of the things
  15. If you do a YouTube search for Fishing the Hawkesbury bruce schumacher you will find a series of videos - all be it old that show you some of the better spots in the system from spencer down stream. You can also download an app called navionics for your phone or ipad that will give you a marine chart showing depths and contours , this will allow you to check out any likely spots like deep holes , rock bars and areas that cause a disturbance in the flow of the river - it also give you tides and i think moorings as well . See below: this is a screen shot of the app i use - i have
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