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  1. I fish rods in the 4-8kg range( Penn or Ugly Stik) for places like broken bay and half tide rocks at ettalong as I use a fairly large sinker to keep bottom . Once I go upstream from there I drop down to 2-4kg - if I’m not in the main current of the Hawkesbury as I can use a smaller sinker . 20lb braid and 15-20lb fluorocarbon leader down to a 4/0 hook ( found this to be the best for Flathead as they don’t tend to gut the hook as much ).
  2. Introducing a new species to control another has blown up in our faces before - cane toads come to mind . Not a fan of the virus they want to let loose either because if it mutates it could infect our natives . I would prefer more electro fishing for the big carp , Habitat restoration for the natives that will eat the small carp, carp comps and maybe a competition that could be set up so if you catch a carp , take a photo and post it online and at the end of the year there could be some decent prizes for things like biggest fish , most fish etc and have these set up in lots for different age groups so everyone has a chance of winning - any opportunity to get a kid into fishing is a good thing ! . Our rec fishing licence could fund this easily if the damned Government stopped sticking it in their pockets . Only one rule - nothing lives ! I have heard of a few anglers throwing them back because they didn’t want to leave dead fish everywhere especially in places like Parramatta ( which will stink and bring about complaints) - valid point . Personally I would take them home and freeze them then drop them in the bin on rubbish night .
  3. From what I heard on the radio today from the SFFP head honcho is that the petition already has over 5k signatures but needs 20k to get it into parliament which they reckon they will get easily . Apparently the Nats are a little dismayed as to why Marshal has sided with the animal liberation mob as the bill he is trying to get passed will have massive implications for the cattle and sheep industry and just about every other type of rural producer and they mostly vote for the Nats . Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets punted very soon 🤞🤞🤞. So don’t feel disheartened as we have a few allies on this - the fishing community is not the only faction trying to drive this stupid legislation into the ground . P.S Thanks for the link Dave ! I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise !
  4. Yep and that is why I fish mid week - Brooklyn boat ramp is a nightmare on weekends and when we finally get let out it is going to be chaotic.
  5. Work doesn’t know it yet but I will be taking a day off and going for a fish up the Hawkesbury then a trip out to Narrabeen for a beach fish on the weekend . I don’t see us being allowed to travel interstate any time soon so I’m looking at fishing the spots in NSW that I have never been to - a week or two away to Yamba or Eden would be nice 😀
  6. What I want to know is how this affects things like tagging ,scientific research and electro fishing that helps to rid our waterways of noxious pests like carp ? Surely if they get their way things like the Million dollar Barra comp will have to be stopped because sticking a tag in a fish would surely be deemed as causing harm , pain or distress to a fish . One thing to remember is that there are only a handful of them and millions of us fishos so we need to start screaming at the government and start now - in normal times I would be calling for a protest but that is out of the question due to covid but we can still do it via email. Adam Marshall Email. northerntablelands@parliament.nsw.gov.au
  7. I would be contacting the people I mentioned in my first post , you need to find out the laws and regulations that the manufacturer is bound to then hold them to account . If you bought it new as a package from a dealer the dealer should be more than happy to help you - it isn’t their fault but I’m sure they wouldn’t want to sell any more of this brand if they know they are dodgy .
  8. From memory most of the stuff I fitted used screws in the 2 - 5G range . 2G for things like clips for landing nets and 5G to screw the front deck extension down ( poly 410 challenger ) - I mostly sized the screws according to the mounting holes in the part I was fitting . With my boat I found out the hard way that the area along the floor where it meets the sides is right above the tunnel inside the chines is solid and not as thick as I thought - fortunately it was one hole that can’t be seen that was easily fixed with a hot knife and some of the plastic swarf from drilling the holes . I had to make a drill stop so I didn’t drill all of them though as the drill bit pulls itself into the plastic really fast ! A blunt drill works better just keep the speed of the drill as slow as possible - polyurethane melts very easily !
  9. Makes me wonder how many other boats they made like this -I wouldn’t want to be a few miles of the coast and have to punch into a chop on the way home - probably end up visiting Davey Jones locker 😵‍💫 Weld looks like it was extruded out of a caulking gun by a drunken plumber 🤣
  10. +1 for the servo bait - most of the stuff in tackle stores comes from the same place as the servo stuff - like tweed bait . As mentioned above you have to be careful of white spot disease on prawns but getting bait like garfish , squid and mullet etc from the supermarket or local fish market is ok . There is a fish market in lane cove plaza - might be worth a look . You could also lob down to a spot inside the 5km limit and try to trap some poddy mullet or use a bit of squid or sausage mince to catch a few yakkas for bait . You could also use the bait that time forgot - pudding ! No not Christmas pudding ! It is just a dough mix that you can add all sorts of ingredients to but a few of my favourites were mashed up sardines , cat food or pecks paste - not a lot , just enough to put some smell into the bait and you want a consistency of bread or pizza base dough which is moulded onto the hook like a blob - 9555b and suicide hooks work well with this bait .
  11. More like some kid on work experience doing their first ever welds !
  12. If they give you the runaround I would first contact the BIA and see what they recommend - selling boats with these sorts of faults is downright dangerous and Bluefin are a member of the BIA which will definitely frown upon the practice and may deregister them . The other options are Dept fair trading , they sold you a boat that clearly isn’t up to standard and not fit for purpose - they have an obligation to either replace or repair it . NSW Maritime - pretty sure they will have a manufacturing permit or licence which would have been granted after the first of their boats were inspected to ensure they came up to standard - losing this permit will stop them in their tracks . Did you buy this boat new from a bluefin dealer ? If so they also have an obligation to help you .
  13. Dodgy welding mate . Looks like in some spots they have tried to run another bead over the top of a crap weld to either cover it up or fill in holes they have blown through - 2 & 3 below. The stitch weld in the top and middle photo is a shocker and they didn’t fill the weld crater in 1 below , this becomes a stress point leading to a centreline crack of the weld . I would be interested in seeing the inside of the hull, I think you might find another horror story there too. Cracks from vibration or flex usually run along the weakest point - the toe of the weld ( where the weld meets the hull plate ) as the weld is thicker and stiffer than the hull plate and there can be some undercut along here as well ( shouldn’t be any on a good weld ) How old is the boat ? Trailer looks pretty new .
  14. Making whoever is in Government realise the economic impact that banning fishing would have and how much revenue they will lose will soon have them turn tail and Run for the hills ! No fishing = no need for fishing gear, camping gear, 4wds, boats , caravans , holidays in regional areas , charter trips , accommodation , airfares , less money spent on food , fuel , licences ,registrations but the most important thing to them is the loss of votes at the next election ! Fishos are only one of the losers in this deal they are doing with the animal rights liberation army and the economic loss will be felt far and wide - especially in regional areas that rely on fishos lobbing down for a fishing holiday . The minister for Fisheries should resign immediately IMHO !
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