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  1. I don’t do mug book or the twit thing but I filled out the form in your link Dave. Waiting to see if they reply - not holding my breath tho . There are far too few ramps in Sydney and with the increase in boating each year we need more and refurbish what is there now . That ramp was always a run down thing ! I grew up just to the north of Silverwater and only used that ramp a couple of times . Wharf road was our local ramp or the one next to the ferry wharf at Meadowbank ( no longer there ) and when we really wanted some fun we would go to Putney ramp and watch people slipping o
  2. This is just some of the stuff coming down river !
  3. Luckily I did ! One thing I do know for certain is that Victas doesn’t work under water 🤣 Flathead Luke, that’s a nice breambo! God only knows what the fishing I’m BW and Broken bay will be like for the next few months 🦈
  4. XD351

    what weather app?

    +1 for Deckee I also use Willy and the Bom app but for a detailed report , charts and radar I have the BOM website saved as a favourite in safari . Surfline is another one I use and although it is not really a weather app I find it useful for checking out the beaches even though it cost me about $90 a year 😩
  5. XD351

    live prawns

    Mac’s bait bar at Blakehurst is the only one I can think of that might have them .
  6. I have seen those two down there a few times , I often go for a walk around the piers early in the morning but have never seen anything like that going on . One thing that really irritates me is the rubbish they leave behind - mostly squid jig packaging and glow sticks . I would like to see a fisheries inspector go down there from time to time also - that is if they still exist , haven’t seen one in twenty years !
  7. If you look at the photos below you will see one important thing that you need to check before you try charging any battery and that is that the polarity of the charger matches the polarity of the battery. This becomes even more important when using non OEM batteries + just make sure you have + to + and - to - otherwise something will go bang ! This charger can do two types of batteries which can be seen on top of the charger itself and although this one is li-ion the same principles apply to Ni-cad or Nimh. Also note that cheap replacement batteries may not have the inbuilt
  8. I would be trying around the ferry wharves and marina’s downstream from Gladesville. I was lurking around pier 8 and 9 on Monday morning around 4am and there were acres of yakkas in there behind where the pilot boats are parked on the pier 9 side - also a pile of guys fishing for Sqiud . I used to get my yakkas off Luna park wharf but that was decades ago and I have caught them at Valencia st wharf which is at the mouth of the lane cove river ,
  9. What a harrowing tale ! Sounds like a spot we used to call the gulf at curracarrang . Sorry to hear that you had to go though that ordeal - definitely something I am glad I have never had to deal with . Can’t say I agree with the cops going down to get the fishing gear back - not worth the risk imho but that being said leaving it there could act like a lure drawing some one down there to their peril. I have recently been thinking how we can educate some of these fishos as to the dangers of rock fishing and I think maybe some of the recreational fishing licence fees ( which has n
  10. XD351

    Honda 50hp issue

    You could try the Suzuki marine website and they should have a list of dealers . No connection or affiliation with any of the above !
  11. Nice flattie and a great report ! I noticed that you are from Umina , do you fish in Brisbane waters with lures very often ?
  12. Fantastic haul and great report ! Flatties must be everywhere at the moment ! Looks like down river into broken bay has stacks of small tailor and upstream piles of small mulloway- they can be a bit of a pest at times but they are a good indicator that these species are doing ok 🎣
  13. Nice fish Dave ! I haven’t fished the lane cove for yonks- used to catch some big luderick and leather jackets off Valencia st wharf years ago . Nice work on the rod holders - i need to sort out some for my boat as the clamp on ones I had were never in the right spot and were a Pia to get the rod out as i kept forgetting to move the locking ring that was meant to stop the rod disappearing over the side of the boat .
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