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  1. I broke into a sweat when I looked up 24v lithium battery -allspark 120ah -$2500 weighs 30kg or so .
  2. Nice fish ! Never really fished lake Illawarra, looks like some nice territory there !
  3. A lot of the shims in reels are made by the reel manufacturer and not something you will find anywhere else . You could try Jaycar or Altronics as they sell some small screws, nuts and washers but they are zinc plated steel and not what you want for a saltwater environment. You could try a fastener store as Dave mentioned or Blackwoods , I have purchased a few fastener kits from fasteners online and off Ebay but these were all 3mm and over . Another few places to try are watch or clock makers supply stores , RS components (they do list small stainless washers less than 3mm inside dia
  4. There are apps that do that , one I heard of did everything for you when you took a photo of the fish you caught but it is a subscription app -around $50 a year iirc. Might be something Deckee could add to their app in the future ? They already have all the info you need on the app it is just a matter of allowing the app to use the camera on your phone and adding the info like weather , tide moon phase , location etc on the bottom of the picture - like a time / date stamp .You could then transfer these photos to a file on your phone or pc . Even if it didn’t take a photo it would be nice
  5. It would make component storage easier as well , when a trailer is ordered it is just a matter of pulling the parts off a rack and bolting it together . It would also make galvanising easier and possibly cheaper as they don’t have to dip one side then flip it over for the other side - not all galvanisers have baths wide enough or deep enough to fit a trailer into in one go .
  6. I have replied to your PM Aiden . I will post my reply to Aiden here for future reference . Can’t say I have ever seen any there but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there from time to time . I usually go to either the creek at the end of Woy Woy bay , the canal that runs around the sports ground in Woy Woy , the baths at Woy Woy or along the shore near the lions park boat ramp. I have seen them at the blackwall road boat ramp and around the boat ramp in kincumber creek, another spot to try is ettalong creek or down in Patonga creek . They don’t like open water or
  7. Better to have it and ever use it ( hopefully) 😀 For the sake of $20 or so every 5 yrs is it really something you would skimp on ? I repurpose my out of date ones for around home, in the 4wd or my shed .
  8. Tackle store will have to order from Alvey anyway so you might as well do it yourself . If it is the same as the photo below you might be pushing your luck but I would still try as you never know what parts they have in stock. This is the 455A
  9. +1 for salt away. I put my 2004’ yammie in for a full service in January and when I picked it up a was chatting to the owner of the workshop about flushing and the reason behind it needing a new water pump housing . I mentioned the Saltaway and he said he feels it does help but immediately asked me how long I flush for which is usually long enough to run the carbies dry - about two or three minutes , he said at least 10 min is what he recommends . I needed a pump housing as mine had some heat damage ( plastic garbage ) which is caused by the water not getting forced into the pump w
  10. 2 minimum - 4 maximum The rods will be generally a combination of the following: One or two 5-8kg thread line outfits for bait fishing in broken bay . one 2-4 kg threadline ( soft tip )outfit for light bait fishing and doubles as lure chucker in a pinch. one 1.5-3kg or 2-4 kg spin outfit ( Hyper with 2500 reel ) if I’m definitely going to flick some lures around . I can add a Snyder mag bream and 5 inch Alvey to this if I’m fishing for bream or Whiting with nippers and it can be used for luderick if needed but if I’m out targeting them I will take my centrepin outfit
  11. As usual my local officeworks (1km away) doesn’t have any in stock - as usual
  12. Sounds like you have been there before 😂 The link that Donna posted is for such a soup container and I will be grabbing one tomorrow - if my local officeworks has one - never even knew they sold them !
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if some weekend radio fishing programs are also using them .
  14. My systema lunch box also leaks as the clips don’t pull the lid down onto the seal very well but Dave’s idea with the rubber bands might fix that ! , I would be cautious as to the compatibility of the plastic of the container and the soft plastics themselves - might be worth chucking a couple in and letting them sit for a week or so first. Anyone know if different colour gulp plastics play nice with each other ? I usually leave them in the packet they came in but it would be super handy to be able to lob a few different types of gulp plastics in a small sealed plastic container with some juice
  15. Fantastic catch ! MMMM -Flathead 🤤🤤🤤
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