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  1. Ta. He did say the retrieve rate on the 4 inch was slow.
  2. Thanks. That’s a great start. We had good times fishing at Durras a few years ago.
  3. Looking to head down to Batehaven NSW in October. I have 2 kids in tow and keen for a bit of fishing. Rock fishing is out. Beach, wall, wharf fishing is probably the go. Are Corrigans or Casey’s Beaches more reliable for fishing than the walls in town along the river? Ta
  4. Is Tomakin ok for land based too?
  5. Thanks. might take a few sp lures and a rapala xrap.
  6. Hi there, One of my fishing goals as the weather warms up is to find some new land based spots in northern Sydney. I have tried Bobbin Head, Narrabeen lake and Bayview (too many dogs at the beach there) over the last couple of months but have come up short on all occasions. Is anyone willing to suggest a few land based spots around Pitwater that are accessible by car? Ta.
  7. Nice catch! I got one with prawns the other day.
  8. Is land based shore fishing accessible and worthwhile around Jindabyne?
  9. Hi Otto, If the Alvey is still around I or my son could put it to good use. We are hoping for a few keepers as the weather warms up.
  10. Hi, Im doing some research on the next Alvey reel for my son turning 11 years old. He’s on a 4 inch and looking to use a 3.2m rod at the beach. Probably for flathead, bream, whiting, dart mostly unless he gets something fishy that’s bigger. What are your thoughts?