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  1. Hey guys! I just bought myself a 24lb watersnake kayak motor (the one that comes in the kit with the bracket) and I've installed it onto my dragon pro fisher 2.7. Ive removed one of the rear rod holders and installed the motor bracket in its place. The issue im having now is trying to find a battery to run it. I think it will need to be atleast 35ah and I need it to be as light as possible.. depending on the size i will either be sitting it in the back or i was thinking about installing it inside the centre of the hull. Any help would be much appreciated! ( i will add a pic of the motor )
  2. What surface lures are you using? As the weather starts to warm up the bass should become a bit more keen to take topwater.. I usually start most of my sessions at 4-5am so still very lowlight hours, i like to sit and listen for a few minutes to see if i can hear any ' boofs ' on the surface which will give you a pretty good indication that there are bass keen. Ive had my most success on the river2sea cicada pop and the jackall pompadour micro. The pompadour is a VERY noisy lure so its great for really pissing off a bass when they are in the mood lol. But ive found that the more pauses, the be
  3. Hey guys! Ive recently started fishing for bass in the coffs area. So far ive only fished a small section of the orara river ( landbased ). Ive caught a fair few bass in this particular section, average size between 30-40cm. But i am keen to start fishing some different areas, does anyone know of any spots fairly accessible landbased? Im not bothered if i have to bushwalk lol. The biggest issue im running into is trying to find a spot that isn't on someones property.. thanks!
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