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  1. Sorry mate. Will be land. Bream, Flat, Snap, whatevers on offer really. Will be using dead bait. Probably chicken in parmisan cheese, seems to be doing the job at the moment.
  2. Anyone fished around norah heads? After some recommendations Cheers
  3. Thanks mate. Will be bream, trav, flat mainly. You reackon a 2000 reel with 8lb braid will handle them.
  4. Im on shimano sedona xt at the moment thought I'd try Diawa after doing abit of a googling Seemed to have oryt reviews, obviously not with you 😂
  5. Hey everyone. Looking into a new rod and reel. A 7ft will do as will be used for pier fishing in the bays. Im leaning towards the Daiwa brand. I wonder what sort of experiences people have had with this brand. Would you go towards a 2000 or 2500? Cheers everyone.
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