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  1. in casting while the top piece came off, it slid down the line and smacked into the metal, the force breaking my mainline and leaving my rod free in the water yes, we agreed for him to pay a little over half of what the whole rod is worth (all that he has to spare at the moment) and throw in a few packets of softies as well for the trouble
  2. in his cast, he flung the rod behind him and smacked the metal railing, then cast really hard causing both the mainline to snap and the top part of the rod to fly away. not exactly sure what happened i called my local tackle shop and they said i would need to get it specially ordered in and pay around half the price of what i got it for, which makes sense
  3. after losing my brand new setup last week, this is the last thing i wanted to happen headed down to mcmahons point with a few mates looking for jews, and started casting a metal lure on my brand new shimano rod, and my mate who was relatively new to fishing decided he wanted to have a cast, i reluctantly handed it over and let him cast whole holding his rod next thing i know i hear a loud ping and a snap, i turn my head to look and the top half of my new 2 piece is floating in the water. i stared for a second in absolute disbelief that this happened twice in 2 weeks and my mind just
  4. nice fish and good report, harbour has been going crazy recently
  5. the gars were floating around the surface much further out than any yakkas, hence why my stickbait landed straight on top of this unlucky fellow on a big cast
  6. will be going very nicely in the pan tomorrow😋
  7. headed down to a busy pier in sydney harbour for an afternoon to find hundreds of garfish and yakkas being riled up by a small school of bonnies, watched them smash bait on the surface and jump out the water chasing them as i was rigging up. snagged 1 small bonnie on a pillie and watched them nose my pillies, live yakkas and lures for the rest of the day without a good hookup. still great fun seeing the bonito cruising around. also hooked up to a waterbird on a live yakka, which bit me hard as i was unhooking it, should have been more careful but was too annoyed by the bird taking my bait to t
  8. Currently very tired on the way home so i will get right into the story. After a slow morning spinning off the rocks near cobblers beach, i gave up and started floating pillies while sitting down and resting, before i knew it i got a big down, but missed the hookup so i rebaited and cast again. noticing that a guy spinning some way down from me had hooked up, i realised that a school was coming down on us, so i put my rod down and went to wake up my sleeping friend and before i knew it-must not have even been 5 seconds-i hear my rod sliding off the rocks, panicking i frantically ca
  9. i was there about a week ago and spotted a massive blue groper, had no idea they could be found in the harbour
  10. my forecasting app is saying that wednesday/thursday around central coast will have up to 9ft 16 second swells from the south, wondering why this might be and a warning to anyone thinking of going out of those days
  11. i dont have much problem landing rats on my 8ft 5000 15lb mono combo, but get smoked by anything decent, id suggest going for as heavy as your comfortable fishing, especially if you are going to expand to the rocks in the future like i have
  12. use the fishraider search tool, im almost certain i remember seeing a post about seasons and when fish are active, but general rule of thumb is that pelagics such as kings bonito salmon etc are active in warmer months and species such as bream and blackfish are active in the cooler months. basically all fish can be caught all year round tho with a bit of luck and finesse
  13. whereabouts did u find the slimies? if you're willing to share
  14. a fish thrashing around will spit the hook unless he is hooked well or he is too tired to fight on the way up. unless your line is frayed from pylons or rocks it will be more than enough to lift the fish. for me it is quite rare that the line breaks while lifting, rather that the fish spits the hook. grabbing the leader will be much easier than the braid mainline while lifting
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