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  1. i would definitely use something to attach myself to the ledge if fishing 150lb line, dont wanna be taking any risks. if your comfortable spinning on your setups then that would be my go to, followed by livebaiting big slimies yakkas and gars. most of the standard float or balloon rigs would work on the big setup with a running float set 1.5-3m deep and a single hook on the bottom
  2. still lots of luderick and bream about, can find octopus, crabs and even rock lobster on the net of those baths! the seal seemed to slip in and out of the net with ease so there must be a reasonably large hole there
  3. another great story waza, always love when you make a report like this ive seen a few seals/sea lions over the past year, a couple times off the rocks, once cruising around inside the baths at clifton gardens and once off a wharf in middle harbour. always a shock, the first time i saw one it jumped out of the water going for a slimey i just pulled out of a school. scared the life out of me
  4. it will work but you might have some trouble with lighter weighted or thinner jigs
  5. for me 10-15kg wasnt enough to cast whole yakkas very far, but im not exactly the biggest bloke out there... if you arent casting huge live tailor 15-37 is definitely overkill imo, and 8-20 might be the go for you
  6. havent used one that heavy, but knowing the strength of the 10-15kg the 15-37 must be huge. personally i dont see the point in using a rod that heavy but i guess if you need it for the big baits it makes sense
  7. i find that when the kings are finicky for the lures and deadbait, a livie of any sort should get a hit. i once dropped a live poddie after it spiked me and he got smashed by a king as soon as he hit the water... after getting no hits on anything with hooks all day. i threw in a poddie with a hook in its back after, and the kings showed little interest. i once saw them hitting bread chunks in a burley trail, but ate nothing connected to line or hooks. at the time i was using 30lb fluro, but even going down to 8lb on my light rod couldnt entice a bite from any kings, and i wasnt keen to livebait on a 2000 reel 😅
  8. hey mate just up in the central coast, i hear about a few being caught around the rocks and even in the harbour, although they are very few and far between. i got this one by casting a metal vibe into the back of the wash zone
  9. some small bonnies and big salmon around the stones lately, although havent had many chances to get out there thanks to big seas. got smoked by a big king spinning on 5000 gear as well... couldn't get into many luderick thanks to all the kelpies taking my weed, any tips on how to prevent this?
  10. i have the freams 5000 with 12kg of drag and have found that there is a lot of flex in the bail arm, even for a light reel, but cannot speak for smaller sizes. i use the caldia 2000 and its a fantastic reel nevermind the $300 price tag. i would go with the nasci for the cheaper price tag or a stradic if you want better quality for a higher price
  11. nice work mate, been heaps of big trevs around lately
  12. there are arrows and cuttles around northbridge baths/sailing club area, so i don't see why they wouldn't be in the area around there
  13. theres some nice trevally coming out of that area too, but to reinstate what Ryder said i wouldnt go to the lengths to keep anything from anywhere near that area
  14. 9ft2 is enough for casting metals, especially on calmer days. rough days with big surf i wouldnt even bother off the beach without 12ft. all the rods i use are 9-9'6 and they are perfect for spinning off the rocks and beach for me
  15. i usually burley with bread but i'm more focused on gars
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