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  1. Rocky

    Port Stephens two days

    I had decided to head up to Port Stephens with the family (mainly to get the boat in the water with the boys). We had hoped to catch a marlin or two but the water temp did just not allow it. Was good to get that info from the locals so you don't just waste time hoping. We decided to target snapper as we had never really caught these of any size and the boys had not caught them at all. I got in touch with Scratchie who gave us some general locations at Broughton Island and some techniques to get my boys onto some decent snapper. We follows the instructions to a tea and gathered our live bait and then headed off to Broughton Island. We filleted our slimmies and out went the baits for our first drift. It wasn't long before we had a little fella on board. He went back in and still on our first drift a reel started to scream. Mitch jumped on it and started to fight the fish. He said it had some weight in it. It didnt take two long before we saw it at the side of the was a monster. There was a lot of screaming and holloring. Jake netted it and we had it on board. It was a giant in our eyes (measured 70 cm). While we were still celebrating the next line went off and then another and then another. All three of us were now fighting fish with the big fella still flapping around on the deck. Remember this was our first drift. We couldnt believe it and thought Scratchie was a magician. We did catch much else for the day but it didnt matter. We had a ball. Next day came and we wanted to try the fad so I asked Scratchie what he would do with the forecast and the water temp. He said stick to the snapper. So we made sure we were first at the ramp and first to the bait grounds which saw us first to Broughton a bit before six. We started our drift and got a good snapper but not much else. We changed spots and then picked up another 4 really good size snapper. Again, after that, not much else. We trawled some livies for a couple of hours before returning to the ramp when the wind picked up at midday. All in all it was a fantastic two days and highlights the importance of local knowledge. I can't thank Scratchie enough for the time he took to write some info for us, and his generosity with his GPS marks posted here for the Port Stephens area. I contacted him hoping to get my boys onto some snapper and we were able to succeed. For the record, we didnt really have any cooking facilities or time so all fish we caught went back for someone else to enjoy at some stage. They all returned full of life and kicking back off to their reef.
  2. Rocky

    Fishing the Whitsundays

    Hi guys and girls, hope your well. My eldest son is finishing the HSC this year and instead of the usual stuff kids do I said lets drag the boat up to the Whitsundays and fish. SO we are heading up to the Whitsundays early December with our 670 Hardtop (bar crusher) in tow. Can anyone give us an idea of the general conditions for fishing there in December ? I am hoping some locals or people who have fished there a bit will be also able to help us out. I am not after specific locations (although if you have any that would be handy), but I guess info on heading out to the reef, safety, things to think about etc. We are keen to catch GT if possible but will fish all techniques and tactics. We plan on fishing hard for 5 days or so, probably only stopping to eat occasionally. Look forward to hearing from you if you know or have fished the area. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, Hope your well. I am just gearing up for the summer of game fishing and I have 4 Taigra 50W's ready to spool and I am after your knowledge on which line we should go for. We are looking at 24Kg. Hope to be able to draw on all your experience. Thanks you
  4. Rocky

    Best weather reports

    Thanks so much for all this feedback, gives me plenty to look at. Mainly looking too make sure it is safe to go off shore each time I plan to head out once I get this Stabicraft.
  5. Rocky

    Best weather reports

    Hi Guys, hope you are well. I am just wondering where everybody looks for the weather reports before heading outside. I am just about to get a boat that can get me to the shelf but want to be super safe so am hoping you guys can share where you look before heading into the deep blue. Look forward to all contributions Thanks
  6. Rocky

    Stabi 2100 v bar crusher 670 HT

    safety is certainly very high on my list s as well which is why the Stabi has caught my eye. I will be taking my boys and sometimes my daughter and I want to be very sure. In saying that, a lot of the precautions there are done prior to heading out so you can avoid most sticky situations I presume. Yes, want to be 50 km out though and a boat that can handle that and the run home.
  7. Rocky

    Stabi 2100 v bar crusher 670 HT

    Yep, have looked into yellowfin and Surtees but have really narrowed my search down to these final two. Both are brilliant boats by all accounts, but I think I am leading towards the stabi as it just seems to have that stability at rest, bulletproof sort of reputation. I think I will need that over the sharp looks of the bar crusher. I am not sure how many of you have seen the recent edition of 'the captain' but they tested similar boats and it appeared that the ride on these stabs's is now second to none as well. Continued input would be really appreciated as it is obviously a big decision
  8. Rocky

    Stabi 2100 v bar crusher 670 HT

    Hi Guys, I have narrowed my choice of boat down to the following and you read different things everywhere. I would really like to hear from any one who has been in both boats, or one of either for your honest opinion. I will obvious test both of these on water before buying, however, in a test you get one go in what ever the conditions are on the day. I would like to hear from those who have been in multiple conditions. Obviously a big decision so would love all opinions. Finally, I guess, if there are any members who own with of these and have a spare spot one day, I would love to go for a run with you.
  9. Rocky

    Port Kembla

    Hi, How are you ? Thanks for that. How far out are the islands. we only have a 435 hornet, do you think we would be ok ? I presume we could find some shelter around he islands. which one is the best of the five for kingies or other species ?? Thanks Rocky
  10. Rocky

    Port Kembla

    hi there, heading of to port kembla next thursday and friday for the first time,we are planing on throwing a few platics around the warfs and jetties,could some one tell me if there are king fish around this time of the year, and if there is any speed limits in side the harbour. cheers and thanks for any info
  11. Rocky

    First Marlin Outing

    Hi there guys. Thanks for that advice. I am very good with the questions and always listen hard. Like warnie said, I am a good sponge. I am planning on trying around the 20th Jan. Does that sound ok to people who know. I will have a solid three days at them and if I do no good, well, I will just have to have another three days the next week, and the next, and the next. what lures would people suggest to get started anyway, let not worry about how to spread them, and what spead to run them. Lets get the right gear to start with. Thanks Rocky
  12. Rocky

    First Marlin Outing

    Hell there raiders, How are you all. I have just got the gear and the boat for my first Marlin outing and I cant wait. I really need some help though. I dont expect people just to tell me where they catch them. But, I would love to know a little about how etc etc. I am heading to Port Stevens. When would be the best time to try ?? Live baits or lures ?? I am a real novice but i gues you only learn by trying. Please help Rocky
  13. Rocky

    Cairns Locals

    Hello fishraiders. Hope you are well. I am in Cairns next week and for work and have some time Tuesday and Wednesday to do a little fishing. If there is any locals that would like to take a fellow fishraider out, please let me know. Thanks Rocky
  14. Rocky

    A Bit Bumpy At Dee Why Widw This Morning

    Cant believe you couldnt find a buddy sultrix. I was dying to have a go with you but had to look after some kids today. I will keep my eye out for your next post when you might be heading out again. Great work to get out there today though. Rocky
  15. Rocky

    Game Combo For Sale

    Sorry, forgot to ask if the backbone is a 24 or 15 kilo stick. Would you say the reel is in pretty good condition. Thanks Rocky