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  1. No need to apologize - much appreciated thanks Zoran, local advice is what I'm after and what you've given me here is really valuable. I'm happy to take a conservative approach and worry about enjoying the fishing and not stressing about the weather. So light winds and swell <1m for at least the first few times, including a window of weather that is longer term and looking at coming back in before midday. Cheers
  2. Thanks Zoran and others. You've got me a bit worried with that sort of talk, definitely food for thought on sea conditions and the need to be extra cautious. I think I'll take your advice and max it out to 1m swell. My main fishing buddy is a poor swimmer and has cerebral palsy so I need to be mindful of him as well. I grew up fishing in open waters in 12 foot tinnies. This was on the east coast of Northland in New Zealand though so I think things are a bit more predictable there, or they seem to be anyway from what I've seen. Thanks for the extra posts, I'll read
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I have got all the safety gear for offshore. I have a 2004 70hp 2 stroke Yammy, maybe bit underpowered but I get 30 knots out of it with standard prop, re-propping may be an option. I've got a 75 litre tank and I've seen max fuel consumption for this engine quoted at 28lph. Assuming I travel 8km at 15knts - that's 17 minutes which is 8 litres of fuel. I'll fill her up and should be plenty in reserve. Thanks for the tips on weights and location. The rig I like to use is a black magic flasher with a slow jig in place of the sinker. Seems to wo
  4. Hi all, I have a 5m fiberglass runabout (v17r) and have spent the summer in enclosed waters just familiarizing myself with the boat. I now want to head offshore, nothing major but just to drift for some flatties off Barrenjoey in around 50m. Any major tips weather wise and things to be mindful of before I take this first trip offshore? Swell wise I'm thinking max 1.5m and looking for a calm light wind day with solid forecast. Cheers
  5. Yeah thanks for the replies guys, I'd suggest there must be thousands of boats out there on unbraked trailers over the combined 750kg limit.
  6. Hi All, The 750kg unbraked towing limit seems to be a bit of an issue as my trailer does not have brakes. I would very surprised if my 5 meter fiberglass boat was not over 750kg. Does that therefore make me illegal? Cheers
  7. Thanks mate, probably a bit far for me. What I have been told is that Power Marine in Hornsby are good for Yammys.
  8. Hi Does anyone recommend any outboard service locations in Northern Sydney? Was there a gut on here called Huey a while back who was recommended? Cheers
  9. Yeah, I trust noone but just saying what he said.
  10. Thanks, yeah if the pipe isn't blocked I'll just do that.
  11. Yep thanks, watched that and most of this blokes videos, good stuff. Will check the pipe.
  12. Haven't had it in the water yet, just bought it. Seller said pump, impellor, head gasket done 12 months ago.
  13. Hi Guys, As the title suggests, water just dribbling very slowly out the tell tail. Do you normally get a decent jet at idle on these motors without the need for any thermostat to open when cold started? I am next going to pull the tell tail pipe off to check for blockage. ps. getting water out the back of the engine at the little vent above gearbox. Cheers
  14. Yep that's the case in my area, pretty sure its the same in most places.
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