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  1. Hey Frank, Yeah I would definitely be driving very carefully towing it with something like that. Especially un-braked. The ramp I am referring to is in pretty decent shape, I guess coming out of the water front wheel drive could of benefit if it's slippery/wet further down the ramp.
  2. Hey guys, I recently purchased a 12ft tinny with 15hp Mariner. As the title implies I am looking for opinions on towing and putting a boat in with a 1989 Holden Barina. Braked towing capacity in the manual states 700kg. Un-braked to be confirmed but based on similar models i'd say around the 450kg mark. The boat itself should weigh about 100kg and the motor probably around the 40kg mark. Tare weight of the trailer is 120kg. I've spoken to a few people who say they've towed and put in tinnys of similar size with similar vehicles. I would only ever be towing to my local ramp about 25-30 mins away. I really would like to not have to buy another car just to tow this thing. Also don't want to have to always rely on mates to put me in. I do have a V8 chevy el camino which would handle the job but it's on historic registration and is only used taken on rare occasions, definitely not something i want to take any where near a boat ramp. Or maybe my 1951 Harley Davidson Panhead could handle the job, this dudes got it down haha.
  3. Well, last night after all this boating chat I decided to go talk a walk around a shop and ended up dropping 200 and something bones on a rod and reel, fair bit of coin for me but hopefully it lasts. I got an ugly stik 6'6 4-8kg and a Daiwa 3000 BG reel with some 12lb mono line. Hopefully that's a good all rounder for me. Had a yarn to Dave yesterday about some of the spots he mentioned. Look forward to catching up on the water. Also speaking to a mate he mentioned the hacking could be a good option, around lilli pilli. Not too hectic in there. He suggested grays point ramp as entry point. Thoughts on the hacking for a beginner? Pickles, when you say middle harbour are there any spots particularly you would suggest? The idea of getting out in the harbour in this little thing concerns me a bit with ferry and larger boats cruising around. That is just my lack of experience talking though, I'm sure it would probably be fine. Was wild to hear my friend who made a small plywood boat with an old 5hp was taking the thing out in the harbour.
  4. G'day Dave, Thanks for all the info, I sent you a PM with my number etc. Good call on the Sydney Harbour side of things. Does freak me out a bit as a first time trip. Would definitely be keen to meet up. We were planning to go early Saturday morning trying our best to avoid a busy ramp. My worst nightmare is having anyone watch me trying to reverse a trailer haha. Maybe we could scoot out, and tee up with you later on. Sounds like i don't need to be ashamed of my Kmart gear after all. That being said I am going to invest in a better combo in the coming weeks.
  5. Hey all, New user of the site here. A little background, I've always loved fishing and usually go regularly over the summer but if i'm honest I never really have any idea what I'm doing. I've always had poor quality gear and just go off the beach or rock wall in random spots around Sydney. Rarely catch anything but enjoy it none the less. Recently decided I would wanted a boat so I could start fishing some different spots and get a little more serious about actually catching something. I did some logbook trips with my old man and got my license. Purchased an old 12' De Havilland Seabird with a 15hp Mariner. Boat is in good shape and I'm excited to start getting out as much as possible. While I've been out on my old man's boat a lot over the course of my life he wont be with me this weekend and it's my first time heading out with another mate. Was planning on potentially putting the boat in at Five Dock as it's a ramp I've been to a few times. My question is, where should I head for this first time? Heading straight into the harbour is a little intimidating. Would be nice to try for some flatties or bream. Maybe some squid if they are around. Preferably somewhere pretty chill as I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. After this first trip I may put up a post looking for someone more experienced to start coming along on trips. Thanks!
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