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  1. Hey raiders, Just back from a long fishing weekend down the coast. A couple sunrise sessions (low tide and a few hours either side) off the rocks produced plenty of squid. The few that we returned to the bottom as bait on those trips resulted in some epic battles with eagle rays, a carpet shark and one random monster I never had a chance of stopping. A floated live squid didn't get any attention. Spinners and stick baits didn't see any action either on these morning trips. High tide was the middle of the day, trevalley on bread bait and salmon with metals were on offer off the r
  2. The curse of the tiny bream.. Switching to a smaller hook and using pippi or peeled prawn may help you hook whatever the smaller nibblers are. At least you could find out what they are. I've also found a slow wind in can sometimes help you hook up when there is a lot of competition for your bait.
  3. Hey mate, I likewise tried to get some info on nearby wallinga lake and the south coast but was unsuccessful on here. Tabourie would have opened during the big rains a few months back. I've driven past a couple times recently but unsure if it is still open. I too am curious on the condition of these south coast estuaries, in the past they have really come to life after big rain events that open them to the ocean. The nearby areas offer some great beach and rock fishing. Here's hoping the fishing is good.
  4. Hey mate, I've never had them die on the way out, some do live on the hook longer than others though. I usually have my livies under a float when fishing off rock shelves. I'd only use a sinker if it was off the beach or if I'm trying for jewies. Good luck!
  5. Hey Henry, Get your bait up off the bottom to avoid the rays. If your paternoster is tangling it could be because you aren't using a swivel connecting the main line to your paternoster rig? 20lb mono is more than enough for salmon and tailor. My favourite off the beach for sambos and tailor is 20lb braid, 20lb mono leader. 50g metals. Hard fast rewind with a few long pauses along the way to let the lure return to the bottom. Walk the beach and have a few casts everywhere you stop until you find them.
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