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  1. I had a similar experience out In maianbar just before lockdowns, although I was land based. Tried a range of bait that usually works for me but had no hits, not even a tap. I put down to the colder water. I wasn’t even able to grab any poddies in my usual spot - since the water temp has dropped. @Isaac Ct If you don’t mind sharing where did you get your poddies?
  2. Wow well done mate, which sandflats did you hit up?
  3. I actually live in the inner west - so NLP is already a trek for me - I’m not tied to this place other than for its nippers. I think that’s a great idea for pump in one arvo and keep them for a few days to fish with later. Some good news to report is I went to Darook Park yesterday and caught a 29cm whiting on worms. Everything else was throwbacks even picked up up some snapper in the drop off. All worth it for me for that one whiting. I’ll try the beaches that were mentioned here l next time and see if I can pin point the gutters. Thanks everyone for the great tips.
  4. This is so helpful. I vary it up between swivel/no swivel. That makes total sense to always use one though - if I have trace it’s much shorter than what you are saying - I will try that next time. Great tips. I can travel and have a car so that’s no problem but windang is probably just a bit too far for my liking but your other suggestions Lilli Pili is much closer than RNP for me. Do you know if it’s possible & legal to pump for nippers there? I didn’t know about the beach at boat harbour I’ll try that too - any specific spots there that you recommend I focus on or just try walking up/ down the beach. I only restrict myself to this spot since it’s the only spot I know that is legal to grab nippers and I assumed it was a good spot for big whiting. Lots for me to think about here - thanks again appreciate the tips.
  5. I actually discovered this area through their videos - great content and tips I just can’t pull anything remotely close to what Gary was pulling in that video. I did try that once a few months ago and it was all small whiting - but I might try it again now since it’s warmer now and might be better suited for the bigger fish. Thank you that’s a great tip I’ll check this out.
  6. Hi team, Love this forum long time lurker first time poster. I've tried searching for this advice which is how I came up with my usual fishing trip, but I think I'm in need of some more targeted advice to help me land some legal sized fish, targeting (whiting/bream) I've been casual fishing for many many years, but I've been taking it much more seriously the last 12+ months, and I absolutely love the RNP and nippers. My biggest issue is I've fished this area maybe 12-15 times over the last 12 months and I just don't seem to have much luck catching any legal size fish. My usual outing - usually on weekdays or morn on a weekend is to do the following 1. go to maianbar and pump for nippers 2. then try fishing various spots but focusing in a few areas 3. I've tried various tides - generally I'm quite mobile too so if a spot isn't working I keep moving. What do I catch currently - Undersize whiting - 20-25 cm size - Undersize bream - 16-23 cm size - Undersize Flathead 15-20 cm size - Lots of croaker fish deeper in the cabbage tree Basin - not sure the exact name but it has stripes and croaks as you try to unhook it. I've had a few keepers but very very rarely. What do I use? - 2-4kg corky rod - 8 pound line + 8 pound fluro leader - Size 4 extra long shank hook - Small bean sinker in the basin/ medium bean sinker on the Simpsons bay side How do I hook my nipper - Currently through lots of trial and error I feed it through the tail, push the hook out the chest plate and do a half hitch on the tail - they stay on quite well, so I don't feel like this is the problem. Questions 1. Any advice that can help me in this area to land some legal sized fish, anything I'm doing wrong or something obvious I am missing? 2. Are there any other spots in the RNP that is better suited for me to use my pumped nippers that I might have better luck landing bigger whiting/ bream? 3. I've tried runout/ run in tides - If there is something obvious here I probably don't know it. 4. Any other advice you may have? Thank you!
  7. Well done - Sounds like had an amazing session and picked up some lure skills. I’m in a similar boat to where you were - mind sharing where you landed these whiting?
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