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  1. Caught this arvo at Kirribilli. Is it a type of wrasse?
  2. Fishing report - Nov 25, 2020. My mate and I spent the day at Jerusalem Bay yesterday and had a bit of fun on a mix of lures and bait. We hired a tinny from Cottage Point around 9am and headed out to the bay. First hour was slow, working our way along the south edge in some deeper water - nothing taking. Tonnes of big jellyfish around (?not sure if good or bad for the fishing?) More action further in at the sand flats. Big bites early- good flathead (?50cm) put up a fight then bit us off at the boat dang. 10mins later landed a nice one at 43cm. Both on a little subsurface hard lure. Shortly after we got another little flattie - maybe 25cm - on 3inch Zman SP. Motor oil is my fav flavour. Lots of whiting around. Saw a few rays and a decent sized crab playing around at our anchor rope. We then moved on up to the north edge in some deeper sections and dropped some baits down - mixed bag of undersized fish, mostly caught on prawn. Whiting, tailor, bream, flounder and few baby snapper. Heaps of fun. No meals. Its a beautiful part of the world with lots of variety in the fishing. The sand flats are massive and we could have explored more if we weren't so scared of beaching the rental... Some pics of our biggest catches of the day...
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