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  1. Thanks mate. I get my supply of live Yabbies from this shop in Canberra: https://www.tackleworld.com.au/store/tackle-world-canberra/ I keep them alive in a plastic box that I bought from Bunnings. They can survive up to 2 weeks without any food. The longest I have kept them alive is 2+ months by feeding them once a week. You can see the box in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZdiHBtoe-s Yes, Molonglo River and Murrumbidgee River form a delta in the Uriarra area and most Murray Cod are big here. During my two years of fishing here I have caught only one juvenile Murray Cod, all the others were above 50cm.
  2. Here is the third video report of the series. Once again I was fishing between spots #2 and #3 as shown in the map at top of this thread:
  3. Here is the second video report of the series. This time I was fishing between spots #2 and #3 as shown is the map at top of this thread:
  4. Thanks mate. This fish was caught on whole defrosted Pilchard. The hole I was fishing usually contains a couple of large Murray Cod and Carp. This time the Murray Cod got to the bait first and the rest is history. The river was higher than usual in the video as it was after heavy rains. The river level is roughly the same nowadays.
  5. As promised, here is my first fishing report video from Molonglo River in Canberra. This video report shows a 62cm Murray Cod being caught from spot #4 as shown in the map in the previous post above.
  6. Hello All, Starting a new thread as I would like to share some of my good fishing spots in Molonglo River, Canberra. The spots shown in the attached image below are not easy to reach but that's exactly what makes them such good fishing spots. I have been fishing in this area a while now and will post some of my fishing reports from this area over the next few days. Stay tuned!
  7. Thanks mate. I am using Penn Defiance II 9500 which is a fairly cheap reel. Though, I managed to land a 95cm Bronze Whaler Shark with it. See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzH-tJZvjDM Will keep Kiannini Bay in mind. Thanks.
  8. Hello All, After few months of successful fishing in Durras North, I have now decided to spend some time fishing in Tathra. If you have not seen my fishing reports from Durras North then you can see them here. Tathra seems very interesting because it seems fairly easy to catch Salmon above 50cm from the beach and there are some rocky areas on both ends of Tathra Beach that I have not explored yet. Drone fishing has been extremely difficult on Tathra Beach due very strong undercurrents that cause too much drift when you drone-drop the bait a few hundred meters out. I have caught 3 Salmon on Tathra Beach so far (2 above 50cm) and they were all caught by good old fashion manual casting. I plan to spend at least a few weeks if not months exploring fishing spots in Tathra. Stay tuned for video reports in this thread! Here is my first fishing report from Tathra:
  9. Another successful trip to Durras North Beach, this time with friends. My friends managed to break two rods, got one on camera. A little snapper had the strangest hookup, with one hook in its mouth and one in the tail. Have a look:
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