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  1. Evening guys. Had the boat out on the water today, emptied half a tank exploring St Georges Basin. Pleased to say the afternoon went without a hint of a problem...confident all is sorted. Will still have the mechanic give it the once over. Started the morning with the intention to test the rectifier first. Began to unplug the wires, noticed a bit of discolouring on the butt connectors. Very obvious now, but a cluster of 5 wires had fused together at the connectors. Noticed last week, but thought they were probably glued together at factory for neatness?. Anyway, couldn’t unplug
  2. Apologies guys,,, my sense of humour often gets me in trouble. All input appreciated,,,,, I’m the type of person who’d rather be told lies to be kept happy than face the facts. good night to one and to all.
  3. Something beautiful happened today guys.... I quit my job! The construction industry has really changed over the years for the worse. Already know the next job I get won’t be any better, but for now,,,, sticking it to the man was worth it! Anyway, heading down south tonight... will spend the drive listening to a recording of Oprah’s interview with Harry & Meghan in the hope I can loose some more brain cells,,along with the memory of motiondave & camr’s post? Dunc333... all fuses are intact. kingi chaser.... totally agree, except for the 10-20kms offshore(never gonna ha
  4. Evening guys..... thanks for the interest! Honestly, never posted this to try and get a easy fix over the net. Started more as a late night sulking if anything? Think I’m with Dave about getting it thoroughly looked at by a pro. It is booked in for 3 weeks time, but till then figure it can’t hurt to learn a bit. Have ordered a workshop manual and will tinker till then! Will post a update if I find anything, will definitely post the mechanics findings. Have owned the boat for a while now (2002 seafarer viva with a 115 mercury), gets reasonable use & this is the firs proble
  5. Not exactly sure what I hope to achieve in asking,,,think it’s one of those things I will only find out, when some money changes hands. Was down in Jervis Bay for the Easter Weekend, caught heaps of squid, not able to upgrade, but saw some good fish caught by others. Anyway, two days of the Mercury two stroke making me proud,,, followed by a day of shame. Launched the boat, started first go, started heading out to Longnose, running fine when about half way across the bay the engine died. Checked to see lanyard still in run position, turned key to only hear the engine crank but not turn
  6. Hurts to watch. had one on my P’s, think if I was there, I would have jumped in after it,,,don’t know if it would have been before or after letting the cameraman know to put the phone away, & lend a hand. looked like a pretty busy day, hats off to those who helped??
  7. Interesting little read. Personally I think gumtree is great, for both buyers and sellers. As a seller, I know it hurts, but as a buyer,, I feel everything is up for a 20% discount. If the offer is not accepted, respect for standing your ground! My for sale ads are all clearly stated to be NOT NEGOTIABE. I feel my price is fair, and I will not budge 1%...... many deals have been both made & broke with the following.....”I would rather burn it!”
  8. Thanks for the reply’s & suggestions guys. The boats down in jervis bay at the moment, between looking for a job & hopefully finding a job, not too sure as to when will get back down there to get started on the project? anyways, will head out to buy all the bits & pieces tomorrow I think I’ll need. Going to use the bottom drain as a inlet and create a new outlet up higher. Only reason is the tanks are so small, any standing pipes I feel will only create a hazard for the livies??. Reading the description on the rule pump, says it has a inbuilt “Check valve“... hoping
  9. Hi there. just purchased a seafarer viva, it has two small bait tanks at the back of the boat. I want to plumb both as they are so small. Can one transom mounted pump and pickup cover both the tanks at the same time?.... wondering if simply installing a Y connector down near the pump would be enough to get the job done? The other question I would be grateful for an answer is.... the inlet would be at the bottom of the tank (currently the tanks drain bungs), if the pump weren’t working constantly, rather more little on/little off, what stops water from draining when pump is off?
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