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  1. if you don't mind second hand hop on facebook market place. Theres heaps of beginners packs there for $20 ad come with everything you need. Can get away with a 2-4 kg jervis walker with a 2500 (250) to 3000 (300) size reel with 10 lbs mono. usually the boxes on facebook come with everything you need and sometimes they are brand new
  2. I wouldn't be surprised, theyre nuts. honestly I was nicely surprised with it, its one of the rods that almost comes on every trip as a backup
  3. i use a shimano aerowave 6-12 heavy 2 peice. its pretty good. also use some firefox telescopic, tough as hell. Prefer the aerowave though but the fire fox was free and gets the job done
  4. I still use my original jervis walkers from kmart, got them 13 yrs ago LOL, still work well. I service them 2 times a year and no complaints
  5. I used to use a 2-4kg sports fisher kmart rod, nice and flexible and was like $20. actually not bad but can't compare to a high end shimano tho
  6. dinga already said theyre happy to take it back but i should also contact dawia. i wouldn't care so much if I had acutally used the rod more than 1 time. I litterally bought it at easter. thanks for the heads up tho. I have annoyed them enough with my questions so hopefully they will just give me a new handle without any fuss
  7. I put the new reel on and heard a crack as i tightened it up, just dinger tight like normal and this happened will it be a problem and Should I claim warranty?
  8. ahh yeah I completely forgot that they usually had a drop off. how di you deal with the weeds? they were an annoyance in some spots when we were there
  9. yeah your right there, my direct family doesn't give a crap about fishing so yeah. My uncle does tournaments all the time but yeah. This December Im going up the coast and have plans to go rock fishing for bream, drummer, luderick, ect during the day and target sharks at night. Ill try some of those ledges. Its annoying because I have never caught a rat king, I have only ever caught bigger. snapper is something id love to get into a bit more and luderick but I just haven't spent the time to really give it a go. TBH im not really interested in getting a marlin off the rocks im more interested about learning a new thing, like I just picked up beach fishing again after quite a few years and finding i'm doing alright now. the why i have the heavy gear is for shark and since im not really allowed (like they don't mind but they kinda don't like it i feel, think its a waste of money) to respool or buy much new gear its been hard when I want to try something different. I do have a 6000 size reel with 20 lbs mono i guess ill try on the 5-10 kg, would you recommend this setup? what about slide baiting with the slammer though? don't you need the heavy line? My plan for the slammer was to attach a lighter leader to the wind on leader and just use the lower drag so incase i really need spool cap ill have plenty. thanks for all the help though.
  10. how hard is it do deal with a international off the rocks? DId u baloon out the baits? Ill probably have to copy the same technique
  11. thanks, would it be a good idea when you get a bit further out to ditch the life jacket and swim the rest with out it?
  12. diffinately agree with you there. you can always get more gear but you can't get another life thanks for the help, ill go to a specialized boating shop to try and get one
  13. Should I tie my rods to the rock with a rope like I do on the peir?
  14. would 15 lbs mono be able to stop a king or when a longtail dives at the last little bit? i would have thought thats to light for things like that, sure drummer ect but yeah.
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