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  1. Thanks. Finally got it. took 5 packs of peas, 4 is blocks and 1 hour
  2. I just got a butt join rod and pushed it to far and now its stuck. I already tried 2 ice blocks and a bag of peas already tried twisting and pulling with 2 people about to try warm water Any other methods that work?? Its proper stuck and not budging
  3. Looks like a pike eel, the fin ends a bit before the head also it appears to be a bit more of a sand/ brown colour. Also there are heaps of these in hawksberry A hair tail is more silver and the fin stops a bit further close to the head.
  4. Nice catch Index and middle finer together and put into hood. go around a couple of times. Then pull the head down, should come right off with ink sack and everything. Then cut down middle the hood and remove the clear bone. If you want to eat the tentacles, cut on the level of the beak and remove the beak. The rest head isn't good eating, no reason you can't just a bit chewy and sandy. marinate in soy or teriyaki sauce with lime and chilli for an hour or 2 then bbq or crumb with egg and bread crumb and fry. Good luck
  5. This was just to help anyone that found their drag a bit sticky.
  6. Planning on paring it with a spinfisher 950 sss. I'm land based. It should go nicely right? I have plans on getting a slammer or a bg 6500 sometime.
  7. Thyre the $14 ones of ebay right? This was just a fix to get through until they arrive. But the drag is very smooth now.
  8. any soy sauce? Sounds good, will try next time i get some
  9. How do you cook rock cod? I think I tried once and it was bad.
  10. I can put up photos of where I sprayed if people want.
  11. I got a spinfisher 950 ssm and found the drag was very sticky particularly when turned up. How I fixed it was by taking the spool off and spraying the drag washer both sides with lithium spray. This seems to have fixed it, not sticky anymore. Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.
  12. Thanks everyone for the help. I fixed it by drilling out the bottom half, then putting a nail and bending it into shap.
  13. I have made a 3d CAD design for this and can print it in PLA. would this have any chance of working or should I use ABS or one of the metal filaments I also have another reel where one of the teeth have snapped on the main gear and there aren't any spares available.
  14. Yeah alright, can I counter that by adding heavier sinker/ bait? Im planning to use this for shark, king, jewfish ect. I was watching a video and it seemed to casts stick baits fine.
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