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  1. beer batter with chips is pretty good
  2. i have seen them being used in nelson bay combined with bait. The youtube channel was stickyfishy fishing, one of his boat (snapper) episodes
  3. the tld would work well. either the 10-15 or the 15-24 I have used both but I used a tld 30 A on the 15-24
  4. I leave it on the shelf in the garage right side up with a plastic bag and I find gulp juice in small amounts in the bottom of the bag
  5. if they are the clear rectangle box with the thick grey silicon seal, they don't work. I tried with some sucess at the start then found it leaked into the bag. These are the 2 I have tried: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/107057/sistema-klip-it-plus-lunch-container-1-15l https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/680682/sistema-brilliance-medium-rectangle the first one was crap, don't even bother, the second worked for a little while but eventually leaked. You can shake it around and it won't leak but even when its the right side up it leaks
  6. I can support that the saltist 802 is a very good rod, I just got one a few months ago. casts reasonably when you put heavy enough lures or baits on it. If you don't mind second hand have a look at facebook market place, you can pick them up for $100, sometimes a little under $100 I also have a shimano aerowave 12ft, you can get them for $100. they are a bit heavy but there is a lure one I think. the aerowave casts very nicely, will admit mine is very heavy but I have a spinfisher on it but I actually like the extra weight.
  7. message sticky fishy fishing on FB, he has a YT channel and he always fishes in that area for big drummer, he will help you
  8. In all seriousness, my friends mum goes a bit loopy during a full moon.
  9. If your desperate for anything, go to shoal bay warf when its dark and throw a whole pilchard out, and you can get shovel noses
  10. I think there are, duffs bait and tackle at salamander bay shops. I know there are worms there. The spit to that 'island' is apparently good, I fish that gutter about 200 m away from the spit.
  11. Go Fingal Bay. I fished there in a storm and just kept getting whiting after whiting
  12. Ahhhhhhh. Ill have a look next time. Thanks
  13. Can't you go off the warf near those crab pots? (back of the sea food restraunt) I do and have seen plenty of others.
  14. shoal bay warf has garfish at this time
  15. That's my favorite one. Not sure what the ones down there take. Theres some big ones around that point I posted
  16. Not much ever around in the winter. If you want try the break water or around the back (right side) of tomaree heads is worth a try, theres a track around to a bunch of rocks. Seen a lot of people taking very heavy gear that way
  17. this shows where they were spotted. Hope this helps.
  18. These 2 spots I have seen kings but couldn't catch them. was on a school camp only telescopic and bream rods there were heaps but it was in late april/ early may
  19. Can't upload the photos sorry. They're to big. Sorry for the late reply, been very busy.
  20. Fusion 360 is the cut down version of auto cads full work place program, but it is great for making things for a hobby Yeah I use Cura to. I wouldn't use the adobe one, its way to hard and complex to get you rhead around - suits a lazer cutter more. BTW, anyone tried to lazer cut parts for hard bodies? I just got back to printing to. The head jammed and exploded putting plastic everywhere and frying the motherboard, so spare parts took about 6 weeks. Have you tried any of the metal filament? I was thinking I might get a thin metal layer for the lures to make them extra shiny or make blades (the vibrating part of the lure) for the spinner bait.
  21. I use tinker cad - free, vector works - not free (very expensive), fusion 360 - free for student (must have proof). Fusion is the best, vector works is very complicated and hard. Wasn't the biggest fan of tinker cad but its alright
  22. Already doing the experiment today
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