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  1. If you are separated from the boat, such as it getting swamped or otherwise sunk, these gizmos don't seem like they will help. Maybe if you run out of fuel you can open it and launch a flare, but if a bunch of you are thrown from the boat it's not gonna save your life. It's gonna still be in the boat.
  2. Best thread on Fishraider. BTW if anyone knows where to get that bed I am interested in the price.
  3. I've heard of whitebait on two tiny gang hooks for bream but not whole pilchards on gang hooks.
  4. It lubricates, it has the specified viscosity, flash point...
  5. Also a potato against a cheese grater seems to be a good burley for yakkas. It makes a starch slick and they come looking.
  6. I don't know about boat, but I saw a guy fill a bucket at the ferry wharf at Copes Lookout a couple of weeks ago. There's a park there for kids to play in and explore, the view is great, you can walk around to Luna Park, there's cafes just up the road for the missus.
  7. I also started getting back in to exercising because I want to do a nine day hike, did a two hour practice run and realised I was way out of condition and was never going to be able to go up and down hills carrying the weight of nine days of gear in a backpack. Ten years ago I was the fittest person I'd ever met but now I am a bitter dissapointment. The plan is heavy weights on legs, back, chest, arms, shoulders until mid-late spring with a calorie surplus for strength gains, then a month of cardio to get the fitness back and burn the fat gained and off I go. Cardio stops you
  8. I still think tailor are related to kingfish.
  9. I could not believe it when I first saw it, the way it was so close to shore, the way it was so unafraid, and just how massive it was. I assumed someone had put it there for a TV commercial or something (but onlynl three of us were there) or the fisheries research office right next door up the road (now closed) put it there for research. I did not think it was a naturally occurring thing at all. It had a very artificial feel about it.
  10. On day it might eat a small child!
  11. I can see it form your view, but if you put it in to perspective, mining contaminates an area than can be measured in distances of approximately 5km at the greatest extent. This is a large area in the context of how big your backyard is, or how big a city block is, but 5km of contaminated land is really really insignificant. It's not an entire ecosystem going down. Think about the average walking speed of 5-8km an hour, and think how far you walk in an hour. The area contaminated is less than that and the area made barren (and able to be reclaimed) is much less than that.
  12. Do the signs still say do not consume fish west of the bridge because they're full of carcinogenic dioxin? The nasho is really a nice clean spot and you feel miles away from Sydney.
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