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  1. Yeah except these were fairly large and lacked the stripes you described, they also seemed to more be in a school rather than a tight ball.
  2. I assumed so, they had the distinctive cat-like whiskers of a catfish
  3. Hey everyone, I mainly fish off a local pontoon and I would like to grab a few tips on how to live bait yakkas and squid to target jewfish and kingfish. What rig would you guys use and how heavy would you recommend, also should I hook the live yakka in the nose or back? Anymore tips and tricks would be a great help. Thanks
  4. Awesome story, what an experience that would have been. For me my most memorable moment fishing was when me and my mate were fishing at our go to local spot, which sometimes provides and sometimes not, after a rather uneventful day with only a bream in the low 30s to show for it a small school of bonitos came up to us right at the bottom of our pontoon. In the matter of 10mins I had caught three bonitos, each with an extremely good fight on light gear and I was over the moon, only a few mins after that I hooked onto a monster fish that wouldn’t stop running for about 3mins until it snapped me off on the light gear, I was both disappointed and excited at the opportunity to fight such a fish. A close second would have to be when me and my dad were spinning 7g metals into small bust ups down near the upper reaches of middle harbour in our tinny and we managed to pull in a 46cm and 57cm salmon which were both firsts for me.
  5. Yeah the photo is pretty crappy, I had a few videos which would have been slightly better but I can’t upload due to duke size. I thought it could be those but I remember them being mainly brown and quite large.
  6. John Dory, are they hanging around any structure in middle harbour? And I’m guessing your talking about yakkas as livies, I’ll have to give that a go. What time of day and tide do you recommend. I would like to catch a John Dory is that would be a first for me.
  7. I fish mainly middle harbour and I got a decent spot for you, middle harbour is virtually full of squids but a good spot you can try is one of the wharves at the spit on the left hand side when coming from Mosman towards the northern beaches, you’ll also find them anywhere around the spit marinas and the bridge. You will find squid are at Most of the jetties and pontoons Aswell, and there’s one more which I can tell you 😉 just don’t want it to get overcrowded.
  8. Hey everyone, After our heavy rainfall at the end of March I went for a fish on the first of April in the muddy waters and a very large school of catfish in the hundreds were swimming around the local pontoon and shark net. Does anyone have an ID or recognise them? You can’t see them too well in the picture due too the glare but I hope you can make it out. I assumed due to the heavy amount of rainfall and therefore large amounts of freshwater entering the harbour that they were a freshwater species possibly? But I’m not too sure, any opinions would be great.
  9. Often any pontoon will have them, just lean over the edge and pick some of the green weed closer to the top.
  10. Has anyone been catching Much land based recently? I feel like the cooler water has made the fish less active or just non existent, for me at least. Has anyone caught anything half decent around Sydney’s middle harbour area?
  11. Thanks for the help 🙏Ill take a look at the links
  12. Hey everyone, just wondering what the best spots and strategy’s are for catching kingfish in the middle harbour and around the spit bridge area?
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