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  1. Here is the problem, all these conspiracy theorists who refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks, stay at home and stage illegal gatherings and marches, when they catch the virus and inevitably spread it and potentially lead to the death of some people and also extend this lockdown which affects everyone. These irresponsible fools will expect to be treated in taxpayer funded Government hospitals, and claim welfare payments for a virus they believe is fake or inconveniences their liberty. People who do not get vaccinated or adhere to the lockdown rules should not be treated in public hospitals.
  2. Hi Pickles, Very nice to meet you on Thursday and thanks very much for the yellowtail, You encouraged me to sign up so here I am. I tried a little longer at Clifton with no luck so I went out to the old man's hat, few drifts with the livies and hooked a couple of hard fighting 60cm kings, great fun but no dinner. Collected my crab pots from Rose Bay later and only 1 female with eggs returned. Has been very poor with crabs this year, not sure why? Cheers Ross
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