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  1. Good on ya for getting out there. 👍 maybe try a smaller sinker - it’ll help with feeling the bites. Small ball sinker on a running rig or a tear drop sinker (type with the swivel on one end) for paternoster.
  2. nice job on the releases. 👍 good to see your still getting a few reddies up there. You catch those quite early in the morning?
  3. Hi JP, Makes sense - there was the annual coral spawn up north on the news a few days ago. And lots of baitfish around. The ocean side off jibbon bommie was sounding baitfish everywhere. Did you see it down this way past jibbon? or a different area? curious to know if it was happening in other spots along the coastline
  4. It wasn’t on the surface, looked like when two different waters meet - edges of these patches were jaggered and a hundred meters or so long. Maybe algae, plankton under the water. Two boats were there fishing. Water Approx 25m deep. But only looked red through polarised glasses.
  5. I have a question, maybe someone can answer. While I was out there I went through some water that was a different colour when viewed through polarised glasses to the surrounding water. My glasses have a brown tint and I was going through large patches of water that looked red. With glasses off, I couldn’t tell the difference.
  6. Maybe.. it was a dark grey triangular fin, 30-35cm tall - moved slowly as it arced around and then went under. Was a very overcast/drizzly day so couldn’t see the body - was about 20m away. There was so much baitfish showing on the sounder - literally everywhere.
  7. Hi bn, good advice there. 👍 will do this next time. I thought about cutting the line and leaving it in, not sure why but natural instinct is to remove it. Where it was hooked was quite tough and rubbery (prob the top of the stomach) I pushed it in deeper with the long nose pliers and it came out - no blood came out.
  8. it tasted quite good to me - although I only shared one fillet with the kids ,to try. Rest went in the salter. I’d try it again. The shark was outside port hacking. In 22m water. 500m east of jibbon bommie (roughly 1klm from shore)
  9. It was a thick fish - and quite heavy.
  10. Thanks, quite a bit of meat on them and really easy to fillet - they’re popular table fair in some countries.
  11. They were put straight on ice when caught. My son and his school friend said it tasted really nice - might be my good cooking 😂 the rest went into my salter.
  12. Nice lizards mate. 👍 i had a similar situation today with a 70cm lizard - gut hooked, but managed to get the hook out with long nose pliers and released. Hopefully she survives.
  13. Hey raiders, Headed out again this morning. First up hit my squid spots to pick up a few as live bait. Plenty around, but not taking to the lure as easily today. Still managed to get a few and headed out - hit up the artificial reef just outside the hacking, plenty of bait balls around but no hits. Ended up catching a few slimies around 35cm - kept to salt up for strip baits. While I was out there (close to the bommie) I had a visit from a 2-3m shark that circled slowly once around - fin out of the water and then disappeared back under. Not sure what it was. Headed back in and hit the drop off at Gunnamatta - on the last pilchard head before I was going to leave, hooked up to a nice lizard - came up at just over 70cm & very thick/heavy. She had a good fight in her, with head shakes and some big runs. Was gut hooked but managed to get the hook out with some long nose pliers - kept the fish in the net/water for 10-20mins to see if was still ok. Once the hook was removed the opening to the stomach closed up (I think that’s what it was, it looked like a sphincter 😂 at the back of the throat) and she seemed ok, so I released. I read somewhere that flathead have a high survival rate when being released, so hopefully the big girl is ok even though she had a hook in the gut. Me, I’m stuck eating bait 😂 actually did fry off a fillet of slimey to try - was quite tasty - & pleasantly surprised. Olive oil, salt and pepper. Came out white once fried…Chicken of the sea.
  14. Well done on the feed of whiting. I noticed a few jellies about last week - sounds like more have moved in..
  15. Hi papafish, If I had a boat you’d be most welcome, but I fish off a jet ski.
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