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  1. Some days, you have to work for it. Nice job 👍 Entree and main course sorted
  2. Nice 👍 Especially when they’re freshly caught. my mouths watering
  3. I wonder if the UV body is making a difference. From what I can see there are 3 UV body yamashita. The pink #005(which I’ve been using), the blue #007(which you are using) and they also do an orange version #025. these UV body jigs might be working well in the hacking due to the clearer water and deeper light penetration.
  4. Nice. 👍 a few about in the hacking - got this big boy last Thursday on a pink 3.5 yamashita. Hood alone was 30cm+ been finding the pink colour working well in the 3.5 size for the larger squid. if you don’t mind me asking what colour and size jig you get yours on?
  5. Cronulla Sea Doo are holding a jet ski fishing competition. Charity Event. Date: 2021-06-06 Location: PLANE SPOTTING BEACH, AIRPORT DR MASCOT 2020 Entry: $50 (donation to beyond blue) Trophies and from what I’ve heard 10k+ in prizes. Do need to have a jet ski to enter and fish from, pwc licence ect. See links for entry details and conditions. https://www.cronullaseadoo.com.au/seadoo/event/149 https://fundraise.beyondblue.org.au/cronullaseadoofishingcompetition
  6. Nice catch. what were you fishing for?
  7. Mate, another option would be to get yourself a GoPro - set up a YouTube & Ticktoc account and start filming some fishing adventures. Would love to see some of that action you get into. It’ll also get you noticed.
  8. Your pics are like visiting the fish markets for what’s in season. great report
  9. @big Neil@the skipper @masterfisho7 @Rebel @Yowie Cheers guys. it’s always nice when a quick fish comes up the goods. Took the mrs out with me, she can’t handle much more time than that out on the water. Cant beat fresh beer battered flathead, chips and salad.
  10. Headed out to port hacking targeting flathead today. Was out for 4 hours - in the water 9.30 and back out by 1.30. picked up 3 flatties - 2 on live poddies and one on a paddle tail lure. A good size blue swimmer grabbed one of the poddies and decided to come home with me. Headed over to the weed beds around midday - quite a few squids around. Weren’t taking the brown/green colours - but the pink jig did the trick. 4 green eye & 1 small arrow in about 30mins. The green eyes were of decent size. beautiful clear water in the hacking atm.
  11. Nice catch. Plenty of flatties at the moment
  12. Macs bait bar sells them live - not available all the time though. 20 years ago I used to see people prawning at night on the flats next to St George sailing club in sans souci.
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