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  1. Nice couple of snaps there mate! Good looking feed as well!
  2. great jew mate! always good to catch a new species!
  3. Nice bream and flatties there Pickles! Do you usually catch your own prawns or go to a good tackle store?
  4. Early start, but at least you got a nice tailor
  5. Nice report and fish mate well done. Nice work on going pre school time. First day off online learning!
  6. Nice report and photos mate, well done!
  7. Definitely listen to what @DerekD has to say the information in that is hard to find anywhere! I've gotten help from derek before about rods and he helped me a lot. Good luck
  8. Nice fish mate. As always persistence pays off! well done
  9. Great report and im glad that you were able to get out for a fish! P.s Sorry the the transducer idea didn't work
  10. Nice photo, at least it was a great view. 👍
  11. Hey everyone, I recently just won a Alvey 40GDZ reel and am wondering what to spool it with. I'll be targeting ludrick with floats and bream off the rock and the beach in summer. I've been recommended Maxima Ultra Mono Line, but for ludrick i think mono sinks, while some braid does? I'm ruling out using float line as its too one dimensional compared the braid and mono. Thanks in advance!
  12. Amazing report there! @DerekD certainly is a bank full of knowledge!
  13. Hey mate, If i was you i would cast the Atomic hard crank around oyster racks and around snags like trees and other snags for bream, while using the Daiwa double clutch on weedbeds and flats for flatties. I'm a bit like you in not catching a fish on plastics yet but i think ll we need to do is to get out there and practise!
  14. This bloke doesn't have your yak but his setup is pretty good. Also try the kayak section.👍
  15. Great report and fish there mate, well done!
  16. Wow, thats a monster I think i'm in love with that croc😍!!!! Where in port stephens was it caught? (or is it a secret spot for your mate)
  17. nice trev, well done👍
  18. Ive Got a Hook 7 and it shows me water death at 23 knots. Just making sure you put the sounder where the wash from your prop does not affect the readings when going at speed.
  19. oh wow thanks Mrsswordfisherman! Just checking, So they are allowing "mud crab traps" in the lake now, e.g pots and the rectangle ones for october only. Thanks
  20. Haha true mate, sometimes i don't remember and drive off, only to see something splashing behind my boat!😅
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