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  1. Thanks for all the replies and ideas! I’ll give fishing further up the system, bait, vibes and heavier jig heads a go. If that’s no good I’ll go with some surf fishing! Thanks again!
  2. Exactly what I was hoping for, some new tactics 😄
  3. Hi All, I've become addicted to fishing since about last September and have had lots of success landbased in Botany Bay, particularly from the beaches south of the airport. I fish only soft plastics and usually use a 7' ~2-4kg paired with a 2500 with 10lb braid/10lb fluoro throwing 1/8th - 1/4oz jigheads with z-man slim swimz and grubz - I've pulled everything from a 62cm flattie to a 63cm kingie. I've noticed over the last month I've gone from pulling in at least a few decent fish around sunrise to barely getting a hit. I know the bite slows down in winter but I was hoping I'd still
  4. I just picked up a Legalis 2500D too - and it would seem I am slowly moving away from Shimano. It feels as good as my Stradic FL and maybe even my CI4+ but time will tell about longevity. It is certainly good value for money either way.
  5. If anyone is interested in how this turned out, I received the new roller clutch assembly and installed it today. The reel is all back together, and smoother than before I started this saga but the inertia in spinning the reel (which is what bothered me in the first place!) is still there I'll probably send it in to Shimano after a season of use and hopefully they'll be able to sort out the inertia issue but for now the reel is functioning smoothly enough, I know there is no corrosion in it, all the bearings have been replaced and I've learned a hell of a lot... (and my wallet is lighter
  6. Could this be it? https://www.tackleaustralia.com.au/berkley-gulp-bulk-jar-fishing-soft-plastic-lures-i
  7. You can do that, I've done it before. I wouldn't do it if they cost me a buck a pop... To be fair, I bought like 10 packs of them from a shop one time as they were in a $2 clearance bin for some strange reason. They're perfectly fine!
  8. I'm not sure but I bought a bunch of them in packets with only these - got them in Breen and Camo. I think there are about 10 per packet and they're about $10 a pack from memory.
  9. This is the Gulp Crabby in Breen colour. I use these also when it is a tough bite on Z-Man soft plastics. These Gulp lures fish almost like bait and don't generally last for me more than 3-4 casts as all the little claws (especially), antennae and legs get eaten by pickers and they're useless without those. They're a dynamite "bait" though for tough days.
  10. Wow, thats crazy! What excellent service! Thanks for the info.
  11. Thanks Green Hornet! When you say the anti reverse bearing, is that the same as the roller clutch assembly? Sorry if that is a dumb question
  12. Hmmm, thats an idea... might as well pull it apart. I've found I can order a replacement for about $25 which I am going to do anyway... You're right - I bought the reel online which was a mistake - I was curious about 1000 size reels but didn't want to drop the full amount for a new one... which I have done at the end of the day! I am glad at the same time because I have learned SO much by pulling it apart and reassembling it twice so far. I would actually recommend it for other newbies if they've got a reel they don't care about too much because I think I have a far better idea of how it
  13. Perhaps as a cautionary tale, I thought I should close out what happened for me on this one I received and replaced all the ball bearings in the reel today and whilst doing so, I noticed the roller clutch assembly has some corrosion. Seems like the previous owner might have dropped it in the drink at some stage. In any case, I will need to replace the roller clutch assembly to get the reel back into tip top shape. After putting the reel back together I found it was ever so slightly smoother but the handle was still unexplainably heavy to turn. Another $45 down the drain! At least I know
  14. What!? Really? Can't tell if serious or trolling!
  15. Thanks everyone!!! How much does a proper service usually cost? I am treating this as a learning exercise now to see if I can do this myself - there's no way I would have disassembled my Certates, Ignis or Luvias reels. This Stradic 1000 reel cost me about $140 and I've dropped $35 on bearings, $8 on a Carbontex drag washer and also just ordered Daiwa reel oil for about $12 so I am about $195 in on a reel that I could have bought brand new for a little more 😖. I'm thinking if I replace the 6 bearings in the reel with the brand new stainless steel ones, oil them with the Daiwa oi
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