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  1. Yeah, Rebel, it's definitely my favourite part of Australia - a true gem of a place, especially in the hard-to-reach spots. Here's a more recent journey from 2013. I've never filleted a single fish in the Kimberley, in all the many years I've been traipsing/paddling around the place. Everything from sooty grunter and estuary cod to queenfish and barra gets cooked whole in the coals (or buried in an Aboriginal-style 'ground oven', sealed up tight to keep the moisture in) - no cleaning, no scaling. Then the flesh is easily pulled away from the spine and devoured when it's ready.
  2. Looks like you had fun. I know the region quite well. I believe I'm the first person to ever conduct a major solo packraft expedition in the Kimberley (gliding down the King Edward in May 2010, from memory).... and I've explored a lot of other beautiful areas there as well (look up The River With No Name, from 2013 - that was an awesome trip too). It's unforgiving country, and physically demanding, and I can tell you from experience that living on sooty grunter, water lily bulbs and hibiscus flowers isn't the worst thing in the world... but it does get old in a hurry. Ma
  3. Up here off the Bundaberg coast, mackerels of several species are pretty common. I've had good success trolling 3-4-inch metal spoons, and wondered what the rest of you folks like to use to target them. And if you use metal spoons like I do, which specific ones do you prefer? I had an old Halco for more than a decade, with silvery metal colour on one side and a glittery reddish colour on the other, which has caught me plenty, but alas, lost it recently and am looking at what others use in the modern lure range. I've heard the vibrating blade lures are pretty successful too, both for inshore an
  4. I'm a kayak fisherman who has finally bit the bullet and bought a 4.5 Polycraft with a 60HP Yamaha high-thrust on the back - my very first time owning an outboard despite my (ahem) advanced years. I've been looking at assorted videos, and everyone seems to have varying opinions about outboard flushing. I've also noticed that there are collapsible flushing buckets available that you stick under the motor in your driveway or wherever, fill with water and flush the motor that way, rather than using the earmuffs method. Can anyone tell me if immersing the motor in a bucket after fishing is better
  5. Great account! Up here in the Bundaberg region, sight fishing for juvenile marlin (2 metres or so) is pretty common off the northern end of Fraser Island. There are plenty around, especially in the warmer months, and the water is usually crystal clear across the sandy stretches. It's about 60kms from the mainland, though, so a bit far for my 4.5 metre open Polycraft, from Coral Cove. There's a reasonably sheltered anchorage at Rooney Point, just west of Fraser's northern tip.
  6. Sure thing, Neil. Here's the same spot from a different angle. You can find a few random videos from my various expeditions around the globe on the Remoteriverman YouTube channel, too, if you're interested in having a look. Kimberley, Borneo, West Africa, South America, BC Canada, etc.
  7. I've done a dozen or so solo treks up in the Kimberley in WA over the past 40 years, and been to some amazing places, both on foot and by packraft. Here's a waterfall on a creek with no name, about 70 kms northeast of the Mitchell Plateau airfield. I spent 27 days alone exploring it to and from the sea (caught a nice barra on a handline at the mouth, too :). Only way in or out was by chopper. Magic.
  8. Yamaha Brisbane (biggest Polycraft dealer in Australia) recommends NOT using ethanol fuel in its new outboard engines, according to their 'How to look after your Yamaha 60' video, anyway.
  9. I've got a new 4.5 Polycraft fishing boat on order, and am currently sorting out which accessories to add. I'll want a decent marine radio (doubt I'll ever be going more than 15 kms offshore) and was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the pros and cons of a handheld versus a fixed mount radio. Having a waterproof handheld means you can go overboard with it in an emergency (while the fixed version stays with the boat and likely won't be useable in a capsize). On the other hand, I understand the range of the fixed radios is considerably superior to handheld ones. Any advice for a newbie
  10. There's a place called Koastal Kayaks up here in Bundaberg, Queensland run by an avid kayak fisherman named Dave, who custom-makes kayaks of various types. Super-high quality yaks and he's always happy to answer questions. This region has tons of fish-worthy mangrove creeks, dams and good-sized rivers for the avid kayak fisho. Here's the one he made for me, called a Crusader Fisherman. It's got a nice balance of speed and stability and is a dream to paddle. I've caught hard-fighting mack tuna at the blue-water mouth of the Burnett River, mangrove jack from rock bars on Coonarr Creek, flat
  11. Great job, Derek. There is some incredible useful information here for kayak fishos of all levels.
  12. Hi - I was browsing through the 'What do you like about the Fishraider site?' thread and a few people were mentioning 'Tapatalk access' as a plus for them. First time I've ever heard of it. What exactly is it, and what does it do?
  13. Up here off the Bundaberg coast, the weather's cooling off a bit, which means the snapper season is coming fast. I don't have a lot of experience targeting them specifically, but I sure love to eat them so I'm going to make a real effort to get a few this year. For other species, I mainly fish with lures (soft plastics, plus metal lures for mackerel trolling) but I understand half a pilchard on a 6/0 suicide hook is as good a method as any for catching snapper. I've never bothered much with burley, but have been told it helps a lot for snapper fishing results. Any tips, proven techniques or ba
  14. Thanks, Neil... yeah, it's an interesting area for fishos up here. Kind of a borderland between southern and tropical species. We get snapper, tailor and winter whiting when the temperature drops and barra, mangrove jack and reef species firing up over summer. We're the southern limit of queenfish too. Plenty of creek systems to explore and a healthy supply of mackerel just offshore (I've even trolled for them on calm days from my kayak). I shall aspire to a 101cm flatty PB like yourself - wow, that's a monster. Up in QLD, we have to give any duskies over 75cm back to the ocean (which is
  15. Newbie to the site from Coral Cove, QLD, near Bundaberg. Got a Polycraft 4.5 Drifter coming my way in August. Until then, I'm doing some kayak fishing...
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