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  1. Thank you gentlemen for your quick responses. I didn't know about the bearing bit. Good sound advice. I will heed it. cheers Doug
  2. Hello Fellow raiders, I have a choice of Either a Alvey 500BC or an Alvey 475A reel to use on my 12ft Diawa Thunder Stick Blackfish rod. About 15 yrs old still like new So I am soliciting a general Consensus on which would be the better choice. I have fished for Luderick for about 43 yrs. Mostly from rocks sea walls and sometime from a boat. But in this instances I will be targeting the rocks. So in advance thank you for your time and wisdom. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I have Just bought a Alvery No455A the star drag part is missing. 1 Is that an issue ?. 2 What is the chance of buying a new or used one?. Thanks Doug.
  4. Hi all I have only recently become a Centre pin reel user for Ludrick.  Mainly out of a boat with the centre pin.

    My question is. As i am trying to teach myself how to cast said Reel (ALVELY 455.)  Which is better Mono or Braid. All Opions welcome.

    Cheers Doug

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