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  1. That comment would go down deluxe at my place…not 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Hi all, Currently living and working in Singapore, as the Casino Surveillance Director at Resorts World at Sentosa. Will be returning to Australia in November (subject to COVID and border permissions). In the final stages of buying a house in Sunrise Lifestyle Village at Port Stephens where I will semi-retire. My brother-in-law is driving up from Sydney to have a look at the complex next week as it's obviously not an option for my wife and I to get there ourselves and we will be purchasing sight unseen. We have a site on hold and subject to a good report back from brother-in-law, it will be deposit down and start building for a late year finish. I'm a keen lawn bowler, although it's been a bit difficult here in Singapore, so will be looking at a good club to join and get back into it. Soldiers Point and Nelson Bay look to be the closest choices and I'm leaning towards Soldiers Point. Happy to hear thoughts of any bowlers on this board. I've always really enjoyed fishing, but chances have been few and far between over the years. This will change when I retire and I intend to buy my first boat and hit the waters at Port Stephens. Looking at a Quintrex Cruiseabout 540 Pro at this stage. The bowrider appeals as I'm sure the grandkids will be keen to visit and I can get the funding okay from the Minister for War and Finances for a boat she can enjoy rather than a straight fishing boat. If I'm not on the right track here, I'm all ears. I won't be looking at a boat until I'm back home, so very early in the thoughts. I'm currently digesting all the great information on this site and will continue to lurk before I move back to Oz at which time I will become a much more active member of the Fishraider community. I'm also a keen follower of AFL, my bowls will tell you who I follow... Looking forward to meeting some of the inmates here who fish Port Stephens. Take care, Bob
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