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  1. legend depending were i fish the most i use is 12 to 30 all depends when drift fishing in my normal spot i use 12lb but when in Pittwater i use 15lb
  2. i dont set the hook either mate unless brim fishing ..i find they hook them self specially using poddy mullet
  3. hey mate ....me and my uncle keep those 1-4kg k mart rods in the boat for catching small bait ..one day we caught a 45 or 50 cm king fish on them and the rod handled it like a champ
  4. cheers for the help mate
  5. thanks mate .....with new boat i should be able to keep more rods in the boat
  6. hey mate this might be a stupid question but if you spool your line onto a norther reel so the fresh line is at the top of the reel. are you not worried about a fish stripping line down to the bad stuff ...i know it wont happen but just came to mind
  7. hey mate thanks for the help i really appreciate it. i just sold my crappy no name tinny yesterday. in hopes of buying a bigger boat such as a qintrex 440. hopefully then i will be able to carry more rods in the boat as i fish in my old mans boat and he is very old fashion the typical "why do you need more than one rod" "what do you need all this shit/gear for" i was looking at the shimano fxg viper 4 to 8 kg as it is not super sensitive but its not to stiff
  8. hey mate thanks for the advice i have a million rods but im trying to find my self a fairly light drift fishing rod. mainly for up the back of estuary's for those flatty's. i was thinking the shimano viper fxg 4 to 8 kg as its fairly cheap and there good rods...
  9. hi guys im looking for a hand deciding what kg rod to use for inlet / estuary drift fishing with bait. i have recently seen a rod i like but its only 3 to 6 kg and very sensitive. from my experience with drift fishing you don't want any thing to sensitive while drift fishing cause it looks like you are getting bites when you are not. any advice or experience would be appreciated
  10. very true mate especially when using good quality line i have about 4 rods i use and i rarely use many of my other rods so i ensure to buy line when it is on sale / cheap . I have found the jarvis walker mono line from big w is good for when on a budget. i am a very serious fisher men and I don't have any complaints about the Jarvis walker mono line its $5 for 300 meters and i have never had a problem with it and it has never let me down.
  11. hey mate i change my line once every year religiously even if it looks like it does not need changing. obviously i change it if it has any frays in the line due to snags, sea weed ,rocks ect. remember a small abrasion / fray in your line can cost a big fish or a good feed
  12. hey guys i am new to fish radar but not new to fishing i was wondering if there are any poddy mullet to be found out the front of Anderson boat shed ettalong or if there are any around ettalong wharf
  13. hey mate i hope it is not to late for this advice but around the islands in Brisbane waters tends to hold a few good whiting and flat head
  14. hey mate i am new to this plat form and you seem like a local so i would like to know if there are many poddy mullet in front of the boat shed??
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