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  1. Hi raiders, Went out in the hacking this morning for a quick fish around Gooseberry bay. Pulled up some nice size reddies and a nice whiting, all released. After while I did a little troll over the flats and pulled out a nice flattie. Pretty good session for a morning. Cheers Isaac CT
  2. Hi raiders, Headed to Yowie Bay boat ramp at 2:00 yesterday as it's only a couple of hundred metres from my house. I took my blackfish gear with me and used the cabbage and mussels under the jetty for bait. The Blackfish at yowie bay get spooked if you are constantly peering over the edge of the jetty so stand 2m back and keep the float next to the jetty about 1.4m leader length and keep the line tight between the tip of the rod and the float so you can tell when you get a down. Ended up getting a couple of small blackies one at 24 another at 20 all released. A couple of bream and tarwhine also took to the mussels, but a welcome bycatch nonetheless. No photos today as all fish were quickly released.
  3. How silly can people be to hold a RALLY in lockdown when the chances of one of them having Covid is high
  4. Some people have no regard for laws and ruin it for all the people who do the right thing so we can do what we love.
  5. Hi raiders Headed out on the hacking yesterday morning to try get a couple of fish for the neighbours. They are in their 70's and love their fish as it keeps them healthy! Headed to Gooseberry bay for a while and picked up some small pinkies but nothing else. Tried multiple spots at the entrance of Gunnamatta bay and in the bay itself for nothing. After a while of nothing we headed back to the south lilli pilli drop-off which started to produce some legal pinkies but all released. Ended up keep a 36cm trevally caught on peeled prawns after a struggle for fish. All fishos reading this just keep trying and the fish will come. I spent 3 hours catching nothing and kept persisting to end up with some fish for the neighbors. Cheers Isaac CT
  6. Great story mate. Good lockdown entertainment
  7. 1. John dory 2. Tuna/kingfish sashimi 3. Beer battered flathead (prefer bluespotted) 4. Blue-eye Trevalla 5. Spanish Mackerel 6. Whiting 7. Squid rings
  8. Great story mate. I like to see everyone keeping raiders entertained in lockdown
  9. It's a Red Gurnard. Personally I don't keep them but I will if I have to
  10. Hi raiders, Went out on the hacking yesterday hoping to actually catch something as I had a fat donut about a week ago. Launched from Yowie Bay at about 10:30 and headed straight over to mainbar to collect some bait. once we had about 50 or so nippers we headed over to our usual spot on the south lilli pilli drop-off, nothing for 30min so moved to Gooseberry bay were it was a little more sheltered. First drop my dad pulled up a 40cm Gurnard. Was going to put him in the esky but my rod went off so back he went. My fish ended up being a pinkie. We couldn't believe it! Blasted pinkie saved the Gurnard and got rid of our dinner😐. A couple of more little pinkie's and a nice 29cm whiting from my dad. After that the fish stopped playing and we moved about 100m north into the deep water of the entrance to the arm. Started a drift and pulled up a nice flattie. Nothing after that. Went over to lilli pilli and dropped my dad of and picked my sister up. Got one little gurnard that went back. Pulled lines in after we ran out of nippers and headed home with a meal nonetheless.
  11. Great job Wazza, just goes to show you have to be in it to win it, (or in your case catch a donkey bream).
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