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  1. Just keep at it. It is only a matter of time. Maybe you could cast and walk a stretch of water so you cover loads of ground?
  2. Nice kingie, as well as those bream. Well done on the PB
  3. Nice jew mate. Well done
  4. Nice fish mate, some tasty meals coming up! Mildly jealous. My dads car broke down so we can't take the boat out😔
  5. Nice haul of flatties, well done mate.
  6. Looks like a Mackerel Scad to me.
  7. Sounds like a nightmare at the boat ramp but a daydream on the water. Well done.
  8. Get well soon Waza, missing those stories already.
  9. Nice haul mate. Cracking jacket. Well done.
  10. You must be one proud dad scratchie. Well done to your son.
  11. Nice Jews mate, that is definitely a Pike eel, nasty animals.
  12. Great fun it sounds like. Using the spare days whilst they last, wise.
  13. Nice feed of flatties there @Pickles. Nice soapies as well. Well done
  14. Great report @Scratchie. Love to see it's not only @dirvin21 getting out fished by their kids😉.
  15. I certainly wouldn't want a shark, especially if it's that far up a creek it is most likely a bull shark, next to a kayak😬. A least you managed a couple.
  16. Try not to use supermarket prawns as they often carry white-spot disease which is detrimental to our marine life.
  17. Keep persisting and the fish will come. Trip 2 will surely have you some fish.
  18. Whilst braid is sensitive and you can see more bites and feel more things, as soon as you get a fish and it touches a bit of structure it will pop. Mono on the other hand, stretches and is more abrasion resistant. But the choice is really up to you. Braid tends to be more expensive though.
  19. Haha, well done to her. On the other hand, I catch way more fish than my dad but he holds the flatty, whiting, flounder. tailor and so many more pb's on the boat. I still have him on the trevally and bream though😉. It will only be a matter of time before she gets another cracker.
  20. Nice job pickles, love to see the young raiders enjoying themselves.
  21. Absolute horse of a red scratchie. Well done
  22. Great haul of fish as usual Yowie. Well done.
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