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  1. Hey lads, any knowledge on fish in the hunter river around maitland? Im expecting there to be nothing in there, went for a flick as its the only body of water within 5km of my house… Anything will help 🤣 cheers
  2. Has anyone ever fished around the Crowdy Head boat harbour? If so is it worth having a go up there?
  3. only a small one, but the advice has helped, cheers legends
  4. Hi all, looking to upgrade my Daiwa Laguna 2500 reel to something better, im only using the reel for bream/flatty fishing, my budget is a maximum of around $300. All suggestions would be appreciated, cheers guys
  5. got one on the zerek live, only a small one but thanks for the advice
  6. I’ve tried every youtube video there is on these things but none of them rlly help 🤨
  7. Any tips on how to use the Zerek shrimp lures, i have concerns im using it incorrectly. Anything will help, cheers Im mainly targeting flathead with them. Thanks.
  8. Yeah it definitely would’ve been but i was too annoyed about the flathead i dropped last night to concentrate 🤣🤦‍♂️
  9. Really appreciate all the advice and tips guys, bit more information on what im using... i have a 1-2kg samki zing 3 rod, on a 2500 daiwa laguna reel, spooled with 6lb braid... now for leader i was using 6lb and 10lb depending on the lures i was using (3inch minnow, 2inch grubz and one of those fat crank baits) most of the time on the minnow style baits i was using a 1/16th jighead on the 6lb leader, i lost 2 flathead over 50cm from poorly picking them up and scraping the leader on the fishes teeth... I went out again today, with some zman grubs and a 1/16th jighead again but unfortunately only got 1 small flattie. (Also im fishing im a marina lots of structure) All my soft plastics are regularly re applied with S factor also. For lure choice i have almost everything under the sun, I’ve been giving the Zerek Shrimp a go, and hooked onto something but i lost it, my concerns is im using it wrong and tips on this also? I will take all of this generous information and get out again after the bad weather, cheers guys
  10. Hey guys, im new here... but i need some advice! Ive been fishing a lot recently around forster/tuncurry and i’ve caught some quality flathead on soft plastics (3inch slim swimz) With all the flatties being around 35-50cm, im curious as to why i haven’t caught any Bream aswell? I have seen a few around and caught a good one on cut bait! Any advice on how to improve flathead and bream fishing would be much appreciated. cheers guys!!
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