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  1. Nice job mate thats an awesome fish, even cooler that you caught it topwater.
  2. Nice job mate, must've been especially satisfying🤟
  3. Nice work pickles that is an insane bream well done. Great to see the upper Hawkesbury producing.
  4. Mate thats a huge trev well done. Sounded like an awesome fight
  5. A few nice fish there, shows you haven't lost it!
  6. A few nice reddies there mate good to see em getting around in the estuary.
  7. I think thats awfully specific, having diferent rules for specific activities such as boating is impossible to enforce. If I were to be pulled over with three people on my boat by the cops I would pull up the NSW government website which specifically states that you are allowed to participate in outdoor recreation with up to 5 people - simple as that.
  8. Insane catch mate be careful handling something that size 😂
  9. Well done Yowie thats an awesome feed and sounded like a really good day out
  10. Thats a killer trev mate, great report and good to see you getting amongst it.
  11. Awesome report good, persistence pays off. Good to see you eventually came home with a nice feed.
  12. The basin has always intrigued me i'd really like to see how deep it is and the bottom profile. Navionics says it gets to around 7m metres deep... I wonder what species are in there, imagine if there is a secret hold of jacks and trevally😂
  13. Serious question, do you eat the carp or throw it away?
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