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  1. Cheers for report. Having a puppy on a kayak all day doesn't sound sensational!😂
  2. Hey all, With lockdown all boring us to the max just thought I'd start a bit of a topic for everyone. Whats your top 3-5 favourite eating fish + favourite fish meal? Mine would be: =1. Flathead and john dory 2. Kingfish - sashimi, but cooked well its pretty good as well 3. Garfish - bbq'd with lemon + garlic - can't go past beer battered flattie, my all time no. 1.
  3. haha nice story bonnies r crazy
  4. Well done👏 Love the lowkey sessions when you come back with a nice feed Is that a goatfish?
  5. Mate a bream over 40 is rare well done, when they get to that size they'll eat anything of any size don't worry. Nice session and good report mate some nice flatties as well.
  6. Pinkies in a nutshell for ya mate haha
  7. Thanks for ur help mate. Due to how much fuel my runabout can hold I probably wouldn't go much further north than parallel to manly beach offshore, so I'll probs have a look at some sonar charts and try and find some reefy looking areas to give a go around the north head-manly area. I've had my eye on the whales/northerners area for a while now do you know much about it in terms of species etc? Cheers
  8. Middle harbour is full of squid as the others have been saying, its just a matter of technique and location - I don't find tide to be much of a factor but early morning/late arvo is preferable. There a two types of squid in middle harbour - Upstream of spit is mainly arrow squid and downstream is mainly calamari. Arrows travel in schools and are pretty unreliable so I usually don't bother, but to get them the best way is using a paternoster rig with two very small jigs and drift around the moorings of the bays. Calamari are found anywhere there is kelp/seaweed and jetties/structure, so my advice would be to look on satellite around the lower reaches of middle harbour for kelp beds and you should be in business. Use a smallish jig (quality of jig is usually pretty important as well - I prefer yamashita). In terms of technique with the jigs - Let it sink to the bottom and two sharp flicks (pause for a couple seconds after) and slow winding for a few seconds, repeat, for the retrieval.
  9. Thanks for welcome and help Bob and mrsswordfisherman I run on a 4.2 metery and tbh wouldn't be prepared to go further than 2nm from sydney heads, so 12 mile, peak etc are probs a bit far until I get an upgrade. Thanks for help and welcome again tho looks like a good community here on fishraider!
  10. Hey all, New to fishraider but have been reading forums here for a while now... For the next few winter months i'm keen to broaden my horizons from the harbour and try out some of the offshore spots within a few km's of the head's. I'm familiar with the likes of the colours, the gap, northerners, the artificial reef and a few wrecks from a couple close mates but wanted some input about the reliability of these spots + different species that can be caught and technique, as i'm pretty unfamiliar with them. I'm keen to hit up northerners for a day soonish with live + cut squid - looks pretty good. Cheers, Puddlejumper
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