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  1. Nice Catch Anyone considering Kurnell. Just be careful at the ramp unless you have a 4wd. Since the renovation a fair bit of sand builds up there. And I've had to tow 4 people off the ramp in 3 trips. Quite annoying when you just want to launch or retrieve.
  2. Hello All Just a warning about Kurnell Boat Ramp. Recent weather has dumped alot of sand on the ramp. The word is quite a few cars have drowned recently. I used it on the weekend and wouldn't like to try it on anyrthing lower than a half tide. So pick your tides if using it. Heres a photo I found on the local facebook page.
  3. I'm keen to try that recipe. But had a quick google and couldn't find it. Would you be able to help us out with a link? Cheers Ant
  4. Lately it would be worth your while to troll around the heads for Bonito. Also there is plenty of squid around so target any weed patches with good quality squid jigs. You could also try anchoring up near the oil wharf and get a burly trail going for some Silver Trevally and Bream. Just fish some un-weighted bait down your trail. Regards Ant
  5. I was out on Saturday and came across some schools in the bay. They seemed to be exclusively Bonnito. And they were feeding on tiny bait. Here's a pic. Regards Anthony
  6. Deffinantly a Barra. You can tell by the white stripe. Quite a few have been caught. They put it down to Buddhist monks buying them live from resarunts and releasing them. Turns out their good deed only give the fish a likely death sentence when the cooler waters arrive. Plus there's a chance of spreading disease.
  7. I just posted one off. We all need to band together and shout out against this. Because it won't stop at one ramp. Before we know it they will gate every ramp in the Shire. And then other councils will see it and think what a good idea. We'll end up finding gates at most ramps in Sydeny. Like many nowadays, I work 6 days a week and have a young family. The only time I get to go out for a fish is at night or early in the morning. Lets stop this from happening. Regards Anthony
  8. Nice fish mate, bet they were good on the tooth.
  9. Thanks all for your kind remarks. Adam, We were using fresh Yellowtail that were caught on location. We use them as a fall back bait. I prefer Squid, Mullet, Pike or Slimy Mackerel but cant always catch them when needed. As for tackle Shimano Saragosa 8000 reel, Daiwa Sea Jigger rod. 30lb fireline, 60lb Jinkai Trace with 2 8/0 Octopus style hooks. Not overly sporting but when fishing for Jewies you never know how big the next one will be.
  10. Hello All Took my brother in law Noel for a night targeting Jew on Port hacking last Tuesday. Things were looking promising in regards to tide and moon. But I wasn't overly hopeful as I had spent the night before fishing solo for nothing other than a 42cm Squire that ate a whole Yakka. We fished a spot that is relatively protected from the Southerly that was blowing and both had baits in the water by 7pm. Noel hooked up just after the tide had turned. Bagged his first school sized Jew that went 98cm on a fresh dead Yakka. With more than enough for a feed we fished one more bait each and packed it in early. Cheers Anthony
  11. Cheers That bigger one is a real monster.
  12. Nice squid Vandal Haven't seen monsters like that in the river for years. When you say Port Hacking I'm guessing Bait Bay is included in that area? Cheers Camel
  13. camel

    Jew Two

    Hey Blower Your killing me. Especially letting me know about such captures while I'm stuck at work. Well done on sussing things out at that spot and giving it a shot at a time when many wouldn't bother. And congrats on the 100% success rate Ant
  14. Hey Blower I reckon I'm as stoked as you are. Your not wrong about it being nasty terrain. Nice work. I'm glad it all came together. Just sorry I couldn't come.
  15. Hello all Just a quick report. Fished through the storm on Friday afternoon with my cousin. Started out up South West Arm fishing for Bream. My cousin scored a nice Bream in the mid 30's first off. But the Southerly was making it hard to fish our unweighted baits. We decided on a change of location and took shelter at one of my usual spot in Burraneer Bay. I set our only heavy rod with the bum end of a Yellowtail, as I have pulled a few schoolies from this spot in the past. Then right on the tide change as if on cue the rod set in the holder with the yakka goes off on a sustained run. Its funny how jewies can fight so differently from fish to fish they all have the head shakes but this fish, only a small model fought well above its class. Hard to believe but I'd even say it pulled harder than a lazy 12kg one I scored off the beach. It pulled me around a near by mooring and we had a few tense moments of stale mate. luckily it swam free after a little free spooling and it came easily from there. Thankfully sticking it out in the rain paid off. Cheers Anthony
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