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  1. It looks a bit like a smooth leatherjacket (also called velvet leatherjacket)
  2. How heavy is your SP rod? Because a 1/8 jighead should be fine for any rod paired with a 2000 size reel. The heaviest you will probably need would probably be a 1/4 jighead
  3. 8 weave is generally more expensive than 4 weave but is stronger, has more abrasion resistance and casts smoother. Personally I like to use J-braid 8 grand but there are cheaper ones that work out there.
  4. No flatties today? A flounders still a bonus tho
  5. Nice haul of flatties. Enough for a few meals at least
  6. This is a very helpful website for learning how to target specific species. I've leant a lot from this website already.
  7. Thanks Donna but I've already watched it.
  8. Thanks, I've never caught anything on plastics even though I've spent over $50 on them. Maybe I can get a first?
  9. Tides are important for most species as it controls what direction the baitfish travel in and then where the predators would be located. For example, people normally pump nippers at low tide so when it's high tide, the water covers the sand banks and the predators come looking for an easy feed.
  10. Thanks I might message you soon
  11. Any suggestions of how to make a live bait rig for Jewies. I'll probably be using live whiting, yakkas or slimies
  12. Thanks for the advice. I was planning to fish in the bay because I don't think I have the correct gear for offshore and I don't know how to fish offshore. I'll definitely try pumping some nippers for flathead and whiting. I might try catching some garfish but I normally target yellowtail for live bait. Thanks again for the information.
  13. Thanks, I've got all my gear I need and my reels are both fully spooled (one with 10lb braid and the other with 40lb braid). I've fished in Sydney for over 4 years so I think I understand the basics. I've caught plenty of Whiting, Flathead and Tailor around my area.
  14. Thanks for the warning. Don't want my holiday ruined like last time.
  15. Thanks, My buddy knows nothing about fishing. He asked me to buy all the gear and bait for him and is waiting for someone to teach him (hopefully not me) Cheers mate
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