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  1. thanks thankyou they certainly do go hard thanks
  2. Went out Friday morning on port hacking with my brother, dad and grandpa (hookerbruce). First we fished in the deep water opposite Lilli Pilli we caught a couple of little sweep and red bream, we also caught a nice rock cod. It was a bit quiet so we moved on. We then went and pumped some nippers at Mainbar but couldn't get any whiting there. Moving to Lilli Pilli we caught two just legal whiting. Just as we were about to leave my brothers rod started screaming off, about 150m away we saw a salmon jump. After chasing the fish for about 20min and a couple of kilometres we had it in the net, going 2.95kg and 70cm on 2kg line. Then we had a fish were we landed the salmon since we had seen some other big fish on the sounder. We caught lots of red bream and a flounder there but none of the big fish. We then moved closer to Lilli Pilli and Icaught a nice tailor we also caught a lot of red bream. After dropping of Hookerbruce we had a look outside but the swell was up a little bit to much for us so we headed back into Jibbon Beach. We caught plenty of little red bream, a red mullet and some small trevally, though no more keepers. Overall it was a good day to finish home schooling. kobi
  3. thankyou, and it is not a bad looking boat at all🙂
  4. thankyou i didn't touch those spikes either i put my finger in the mouth and held the belly
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