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  1. Hi All, does anyone know any flats around botany bay that are good for flicking plastics and vibes. Tried to do some research and found that apparently some decent bream gather around the rock walls on Brighton Le sands beach, but it seems like quite an exposed spot to the weather. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 👍
  2. Hey mate, live squid. Im familiar with snelled hooks for squid but a bit more wondering if i should use it with a float or sinker or no weight at all. I am fishing landbased aswell.
  3. Hey everyone, I am in need of some tips on what rig to use when running a squid as a live bait. any help would be appreciated
  4. Hey Everyone, the other day i went down to cremorne point, and fished around the lighthouse area off the rocks. I was consistently losing my bait but wasnt feeling any bites and frequent snags. I also tried some soft plastics for a bit but had some trouble with toadies nipping off the tail. Anyone have any advice on certain rigs or baits that they have used to fish around here previously. Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone, thanks for the help. I went down today and went through a few different service stations till i found one that sold some bait. Bought a bag of pillies and prawns and went down to my local jetty. Caught a few yakkas and decided to chuck a smaller one out live and hooked up to what i thought was a rat king. Turned out to be a 55cm + Sambo!
  6. Thanks man. Greatly appreciated
  7. Hey everyone, have gotten back into fishing recently and I'm trying to find some spots within my 5km radius to buy some bait. If anyone knows any spots within 5km of the lane cove plaza that would be greatly apprecieated.
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