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  1. Thank you for your replies! I agree the battery in lithium would cost a bit and would only last a couple hours on full speed I did stumble across this and was thinking is the Yarra forbidden to use any motor of any kind:
  2. Hi there I am new to boats and was looking through and was thinking to get a Bris 3.3 catamaran with a 40 lb electric motor. Hoping to go down the yarra in melbourne and back. What are your thoughts on this set up? I'm not sure if this is a good idea cost wise and practicality wise. I chose a catamaran as i thought it would go faster easier, can get in and out of the boat from the front easier; inflatable as it can fit the boot of a car, 40lb as wouldn't need paperwork and registration; the bris seems to have more protection on the sides and bottom compared to a few others and is a reasonable size and weight rating so wouldn't be too cramped. Thinking to go fishing one day with it or go along the coast line one day. All your thoughts and opinions appreciated!
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