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  1. So I ended up buying a Pryml beginners rod 6ft 6inchs, a tool box and a tackle box for bream. Total $89 from a shop. However, I quoted your post because I felt the the line was really crap. Let me explain: When I saw the videos of loading a reel, they started from empty. This one was full and I messed up putting the line in the right way so I was actually trying to reel in when the lever was up. Newbie mistake 1 Getting the swivel, sinker and hook on was OK. However, When I did cast correctly and I reeled the line back in, it kept getting jumbled up. I had to cut line 3 times. I thought I was bloody stupid(I blame the line 50%). Finally, So in a 3 hr session I spent 2 hours putting the line on and messing up the casting or retrieval. Moreover, Since I was fishing near the rocks at Brooklyn and the tide was coming in, I lost a number of hooks and sinkers. That's my first attempt where I taught myself the basics, no fish ever came close I reckon.
  2. Hi all, I want to buy entry level rod, reel, tackle box kit, etc. I can see they are available in Kmart and a shop. What would be the difference for a newbie? Is it better to buy an entry level Shimano combo rod? Cheers HP
  3. Hi all, Great website for information. I am new to fishing will need all the help I can get. I want to get into land-based fishing in the creeks in and around Hawkesbury or the Hawkesbury itself. Berowra Waters, Bobbin Head and Brooklyn are the places I can think of. If there's more spots, please let me know. I would like to understand how tides work for fish like Bream and any special gear involved. I might eventually hire boats in these locations but for now land-bases it is. Cheers HP
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