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  1. On a dry streak at the moment so taking the time to address errors I've been making. The major thing at the moment is whenever I cast I get good distance but my line is always loose after the cast in that I cast 30m for example but 40m of braid came out. Is this a typical mistake with an easy fix ? I also have a side question. Would fishing with sand prawns give better hookups rates for bream,Flathead and whiting compared to sp lures (lake Illawarra) I've been waking 5am every Saturday to fish lake Illawarra and don't think I've even had a bite yet to be honest. It's abit depressing
  2. Yeah, I was curious what would entice a bite more , a small lure that looks like an easy meal or a lure that's bigger and therefore probably easier for fish to see. Too bad fish don't talk hah
  3. I'll be going out with zman 2.5inch grubs hoping for flathead but maybe bream too. I have watched those zman videos in depth theyre great info. Im tossing up between using 2.5inch or 3.5 inch grubz what would you go with for flathead, size doesnt matter for now I just want to catch and release
  4. I've just recently gotten into fishing with lures and I've been finding that I'm constantly hooking up to weed and this has been in a few different lakes. Is this just a part of lure fishing? I also want to ask has anyone who's swapped to weedless hooks - do you get less hookups of the fish when they strike due to the shape of the hook or is that a non-issue, I tried to google that but couldn't find much.
  5. I expect it will get really busy down here once the fish are on, which is why I'm enjoying scouting out places etc. Im not really sure on space etiquette either. If someone is fishing a good spot can I go next to him and fish if there's no where else working out and it's a known good location ? I always keep what I think is a respectable distances from fishos but places like wollongong harbour and Port Kembla are too full to get your own space. I'll be fishing there too early November. I think Lake Macquarie has no commercial fishery which helps with fish numbers I wonder if tuggerah is the same. I haven't had a bite in so long that I don't have any confidence in any particle lure so I keep swapping around
  6. Its probably going to feel like I struck gold once I get my first fish. Im just taking my first outings as a learning and scouting exercise and have been enjoying it anyway. Trying to get a feel for if I enjoy beach or lake fishing more. I think beach
  7. Spot-lake Illawarra Time- early morning to afternoon Went out for the first time to tick off my goal of catching my first ever fish with lures. Tried soft plastics (the usual zman recommendations), atomic hard cranks mid and deep a few different colours, plastic prawn thing with weedless hook, even the daiwa double clutch 60mm. Used a shop water proof shoes so I could walk around the beach spot which were upon recommendations and research. Wind was terrible and don't think I had a single bite the whole day, should have went on Sunday when winds are better but I was itching for Saturday. Then went to windang beach with metal lures and did score a bite but winds were bad . Lesson learnt - check the winds before going. Not many fisherman around and don't think the bite was that good for anyone at the moment. Until next week (if the weather allows) But as always getting out there and enjoying the sun and chatting to people here and there was nice.
  8. Thanks everyone for the solid advice - and yeah, I've been watching alot of fishing youtube videos around the area, and then using google maps satellite to try and pinpoint where they were fishing and funny enough it matches to what youre saying . Thanks for the tip with not mixing plastics - I've gone now and just separated them hah I tried zman grubs when I was last there in a few different spots but was getting seaweed every time but thats probably some mistake of mine does the gold wolf colour on lures actually work ?
  9. Hey all, I will eventually be fishing locations around Lake Illawarra hoping to score my first flathead or bream or anything in the area since moving here. I've started lure fishing but havent caught anything yet, except seaweed. I've done a tonne of research and what I have to use now are zman grubs motor oil (all the sizes upto 3inch), zman motor oil slim swims, zman motor oil minnows, zman motor oil crabz, daiwa double clutch 60mm ghost, and atomic hard cranks 38mm both mid and deep. I really can't decide whether to try out the double clutch first or try out an atomic hard crank Is there any in the list that are much more likely to work? I have heard good things about zman grubs but would rather a hard body lure to start with.
  10. Hey all New to the forums and still a new fisher trying to figure out the best spots, best lures and all of that kind of stuff. Will be testing out daiwa double clutch 60mm this weekend near lake Illawarra if there arent storms (havent checked yet) Got into fishing after tearing my acl in soccer and dislocating my shoulder in bodyboarding so fishing is a great way for me to get outdoors still. anyone here have a prference of the daiwa double clutch 60mm over the atomic hardz 38mm (or vice versa) aiming for bream and flathead maybe even whiting
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