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    Mainline to leader!

    Learning the hard way and never a truer word to be said and when it comes to Game fishing minimizing mistakes and in anything thing that potentially can go wrong,,,,,,,,will ultimatly determine the outcome of the fight I would love a dollar for the amount of marlin we have caught on one strand of the double having let go for what ever reason incidently it is quite surprising in how many times the snap swivel can mysteriously open itself mid fight and then in the fish having to been gingerly led to the boat nervously on an open snap,,,,,,,,part reason as to why we like to apply the snap swivel ,,,,,,,,,open and close rule of 20 times and then discard as fatigue is commonally enduced when the snap is closed around the lanyard ring on the back of the Tiagra for example and thus why you quite often see a lot of experianced game crews applying a cable tie neatly in place on the lanyard hole for this very reason Cheers Warnie
  2. warnie

    SGFC Geoff Woolley Mako Tournament

    Hi Briso Here are the full results and just for interest there where 171 sharks tagged overall, all mainly from the one area strongly suggesting I feel that Browns would not be the best of places at present to be jumping overboard and going for a casual swim . :1yikes: Cheers Warnie Heaviest Shark -Avalon 190.8kg Mako Shark Most Sharks Tagged -Ambition 15 Sharks tagged Boat scoring highest T&R points Tuna -Smartbill 1150pts Champion Junior Angler Capture -Riley Page 4422pts onboard Rampage Champion Junior Tag & Release -Rebecca Holmes 13800pts onboard Obsession Champion Small Fry Tag & Release -Jack Purkis 2300pts onboard Tanacious
  3. warnie


    Hi Marty Never again will I ever run a cable connected to a witch doctor!!!!!!!!!!! A few years back running up the 150 fathom line inside browns, with a spread out aimed for Y/Fin. When I hear a shout “what the” from the guy sitting alongside me in the passenger seat I spin around to see a hole in the water at the back of the boat the size you could comfortably fit a V Duv into and the cable abruptly snaps tight, So violently it throws me out of the helm chair onto the back deck that lurch experienced was the result of the boat literally being stopped dead in its tracks and then catapulting forward and I am talking 2.5 tonnes of boat......the cable however still remained intact and what happened next still haunts me to this day. A brute of a mako......... with head and shoulders and piercing eyes the size of dinner plates complete with blue cable exiting out his mouth surfaced out of the water no more than ten foot behind the boat. He then exploded turning the ocean into foam from head shaking (much similar to how you see a bull terrier play with a cuddly toy except he wasn’t playing) He was intent on ravaging and tearing apart anything he was going to come in contact with...Fortunately for us at this moment the cable snapped and all that was left then was to comptemplate in what could of been ......And I readily admit in it being a scary experience.....still wear the scars today of a bent cleat that was designed in lifting the boat out the water and a promise to myself only to use cord in connecting witchdoctors in the future......To only lose another one the very next trip out to something else that took a liking to it ....so yes I suppose it can get a bit expensive but I do feel a lot more comfortable all the same......... I certainly would not wish that experience on anybody else. Cheers Warnie
  4. warnie

    Connecting Mainline to Leader

    Hi Dan I don’t use wind on leader these days, there was a period when we gave wind on leaders a go for two Game seasons coming down to the decision in the end that it did just not benefit our style of fishing. • In particular when slow trolling baits the wind on I feel would apply an added resistance on the bait and restrict its overall effectiveness • The same with regards to pulling lures I felt the lures just didn’t seem to want to pop and fizz enticingly like there should off • Skip Baits however the complete opposite no doubt due in the wind on leader being virtually totally pulled out of the water by the rigger. But the one particular thing that I felt a wind on leader helps in contributing to is this following scenario which happened to me back then more times than I wish to remember. Upon coming across a good fish generally in this instance a blue........ in the early stage and being the first initial run the decks have just been cleared and the fish is tearing across the ocean heading for the horizon in a big arcing run the type where the angler is pointing the rod in the direction of the exiting line but the fish however is jumping behind his back. As the angler is frantically trying to recover the belly in the line the fish then suddenly changes direction and starts to grey hound back on its self heading straight back at the boat. I am sure there are those out there with the mathematical prowess to be able to calculate the forces involved but put simply with no more line coming off the reel and in status quo the added drag pressure being created then by the belly in the line as it is pulled through the water is enormous...... they say line will give at its weakest point and in most cases for me this generally applied at the connection to the wind on The above is just my experience learnt the hard way mainly by loosing fish I realise not everyone will agree with the above rational as I said just my personal opinion hope it helps Cheers Warnie
  5. warnie

    The low down for gamefish in sydney

    Hi DAN WHAT......Blue Marlin with Mid to Jumbo size YellowFin Tuna thrown in the mix WHERE.....Browns Area and beyond.....Ideally around 500 fathoms Area WHEN......April...Generaly peaking around the favourable moon phase PROVEN LURE SKIRT CHOICE.......Blue Angel and Lumo........ to name but two SIGNS......Look for bait in form of Frigites and match the hatch...(A rod buckled over with line peeling off is also a good indication) Cheers Warnie
  6. Hi Stan Put simply Marlin when fishing for them on Lures and in particular with regards to the Striped Marlin are a very lazy feeder (along with being a bad shot) and tend to slash at the lure with its bill more times than it will actually grab the lure.....of course there at times when there are exceptions to this however even when you consider the antics of the mighty Blue Marlin arguably the most explosive and aggressive of lure takers they also have a tendency to slash away and quite often the resulting hook up actually amounts in the leader half hitching it’s self around the marlins bill as directly opposed to the hooks hitting home. In answer to your question then the slower the lure is presented the easier it will be for the fish to eat it cleanly in the first instance this however needs to be balanced in firstly getting the lure’s action right in gaining the marlins initial interest and to be zoned in.......another reason then as to why the deployment of an aggressive actioned lure can be considered to be both a good and bad ploy depending on how you want to look at it Cheers Warnie
  7. warnie

    Newbie chasing Sydney YFT - 2 July 2011

    Question For cubing we used a 24kg rig with a plaited double, Sampo style snap swivel, 1.5m 80lb leader and 8/0 J hook. The rig seemed to sink a lot faster than the cubes - anyone have any thoughts on the keeping a rig like this in the cube trail? SG What you have described above can best be summed up as being a typical set up......However to those that fish for Y/Fin on a regular basis a noticeable difference would be in that person’s ability to quickly read the conditions and then to accordingly adjust and change over to suit. IE.....Firstly by removing the double (which for y/fin is not really necessary) Then in downsizing your swivel to as light as a lineclass as possible with a preference given to black over chrome. Substitute the 8/0 J over to say an 8/0 Eagle claw el2004 Circle hook in helping to effect a more positive hook up and in cases for example where the fish are hanging back in the trail and acting timidly a common tactic is to tie the hook direct to your 24kg mainline and then strip it back. This also helps in answering your question as to how you can keep your bait up in the trail as well as taking care in stripping your bait back at the same rate as your trail is drifting another tactic is to add variety to the trail by laying down say 3rds, Halves, pieces, and throwing in 2 or 3 full ones every now and then which helps to stagger the trail (depth wise) over a greater distance. Off course there can be days when regardless as to what tackle or bait you use it gets eaten however these days seem to be getting fewer and farther apart ..... I hope that helps you a little. Cheers Warnie
  8. Hi Henry May i suggest in just spooling it up with good qaulity 15kg mono.......At the end of the day that reel will adequately handle just about anything that you will come across in Sydney Cheers Warnie
  9. warnie

    Woolnough Knoll

    Hi Marty Does this help you to clarify Cheers Warnie
  10. warnie

    Yellowfin Of Sydney

    Hi Guys Whilst awaiting in Ahi's pics to come through I hope you don't mind...... in me mentioning that today one of our club boat's laying down a burly trail just wide of Brown's had Y/Fin Tuna swimming around the boat And weighed fish early tonight back at the club at 50 odd kgs and lost an est 80 kg fish at the side of the boat complete with a new gaff attached so it does sound promising to get out.........That be if the weather is obliging Cheers Warnie
  11. warnie


    Silvo I will head down that way on thursday arvo........Was looking at maybe getting a pre fish in on the friday weather permitting of course and speaking of such...... the synoptics look to me in it being not to bad once the blow goes through.....so here's hoping that indeed be the case Catch you down there Cheers Warnie
  12. warnie


    Hi Silvo Good to hear your going down for the Tournie..........will have to catch up down there may that be on the water at the Pub for a beer... either way is good Who you fishing with??? Cheers Warnie
  13. warnie

    Big Blue Caught Off Sydney 15.4.10

    Hi Guy’s In adding to what has already been said.......With yes that Blue weighing in at a hefty 288.7 kg fell shy by 300 grams of beating the club record. Of an interest to any of the trailerboat boys who may be thinking of heading out wide this weekend is that the above report of a blue Marlin has not been an isolated case with other boats also reporting interesting times. Midweek a Trailerboat pulling a 4” lure past some traps inside the shelf in the hopes of raising the interest a feed of dolphin fish got more than they bargained for after it was engulfed by a blue Marlin estimated at around 150kg mark not an easy task when faced with the prospects of it being hooked on an 8 kg outfit. After 74 Y/Fin Tuna where T&R at the Tournie run out of Sydney the weekend just gone hopes have been high for that bite continuing the main body of warmer water pushing from the north has advanced closer to the mountain with reports coming to hand during the week suggesting that the better results were obtained from working the edges of the cooler 22.9 water and with current SST’s showing the leading edge down around the Southern Canyons working the areas of intermixing water and visual eddies south of Brown’s this weekend could very well pay dividends.. Cheers Warnie
  14. warnie

    Bridle Rigging

    Just a slight clarification inregards to bridling your bait useing a band with a circle hook Firstly attach your band to the gape of your hook and pull the loop of the band onto the eye of a short open bait needle you will find it can and will dangle comfortably in place without easily falling off the eye of the needle Then as it has allready been mentioned push your bait needle right through and out the other side of the leading edge of the eye socket and then here lies the subtle difference with the band still attached to the needle stretch the band and drop it over the point of the hook using the needle then quickly discard the needle twist the band 2 or 3 times via the circle (depending on size of bait) then lock the band in place as you would normaly no need to adjust or locate the hook, band, in any sort of set place as everything finds it's own happy balance in readiness to do it's job. Cheers Warnie
  15. warnie

    Mako Sharks To Be Protected

    This matter is set to explode very shortly as more and more people comprahend the seriousness of the impact it will cause once again affecting those livelehoods who depend on the money injected by the Tourism Dollar etc..... that the industry generates which now is be put all at risk.... For what!!!!!!!!!! because of blatant bad management and drastic overfishing in certain area's in the northern Hemisphere they think that by listing Mako shark on the Appendix 11 of the CMS putting a no take no catch enforcement in place here will ever have any beneficial effect's on the stock in lets say the Mediteranean.......There kidding aren't they for a start the Mako in question are one of a differant stock and to add injury to the insult the commercial fleet will be unaffected by such listing it seems at this time our best hope lies in us gaining an exemption from the minister as which follows “The Minister may specify that any or all prohibitions in Part 13 do not apply to a person in relation to an action to which an exemption relates. However, the Minister may only grant an exemption under s303A if satisfied that it is in the national interest to do so.” I for one see it as a national interest as pretty soon they will start to put all migratory species on the listing which I now hear to be the SBT in Mid 2010 ..As they say....NOT HAPPY JAN Cheers Warnie