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  1. nice report if the organs are orange they are female (thats the roe) if white it's a male
  2. i hope i can knock the rust off quick (and remember a camera) so i can post some decent reports soon Donna
  3. G'day all finally got the boat back on the water for a test day and couldnt help myself i took some gear with me. pulled up at the 2nd runway and every bait or plastic that went down resulted in an undersize whiting (20 -25cm) after an hour or so i moved over to the oil wharf and lined up on the pipes. with a nice burley trail flowing towards a ship tied up to the wharf i started feeding baits and plastics down through the trail. long story short the trev's were on fire for about an hour and a bonus pan size snapper hit the esky from a bottom bait. felt great to be back out on the bay and i'm looking forward to a fishy summer
  4. wishing everyone a happy, productive and above all a safe new year.
  5. took my dad out fishing today for the first time in, well, too long to be met by sloppy water on the run out tide, first stop was the 3rd runway where i managed a lovely fat 63cm flathead, Dad got 2 small choppers and that was it for that spot, we trolled down to Cronulla with none of the lures being bothered and did a few drifts for flathead, after a couple of keepers hit the deck we had a big run on a lucaus jig that ended with the fish (i called it for a PJ or a slow moving freight train)busting off on the light gear. we trolled back to the bay and around cape solander the 110 trembler went off on the 30lb outfit, with Dad on strike he picked up the rod and watch line peel off until the braid got rubbed through and the fish swam away with one of my christmas presents. back in the bay for a drift without result we packed up and headed for home. not a great trip as far as the fishing results went ( i am well pleased with the 63cm model and for the first time ever outfishing my dad) but you cant beat a day on the water with a great mate, unless that great mate is your Dad. heres a bad photo of a good fish
  6. Outnumbered


    lost on sunday around midday: 1 suspending blade in blue grey with about a metre of 6 lb leader, lost near the mouth of the cooks river. if anyone finds it please return it to me. last seen attached to the lips of a nice jew heading upstream in excess of the posted 4 knot speed limit
  7. another vote for lanox or inox.
  8. all sorted out, all it took was a basic understanding of electrics, a multi meter, google and getting off my backside.
  9. I only fish out of the bay so i cant coment on the harbour, but in the bay there are a few general spots that usually produce fish, burley is a must have (i use chook pellets or bread). common spots to try for bream trev's or kings are: 1.the oil wharf (south side of the bay) 2. the hot water outlet - if you get to the western side of the oil wharf and move south along it you will see the water welling up just south of the fish pen. 3. the sticks, chanel markers west of the point of the oil wharf. 4. the drums, large painted drums (where ships tie up for refueling) just off the point of the wharf. 5. the runways, northern side of the bay, slightly west of the oil wharf 6. moulinoux (spelling?) point, east of the runways drifting anywhere in the bay usually produces flathead or go out of the bay and troll for bonnies, salmon or kings. i launch out of the kyeemagh boat ramp, on the cooks river at the end of mutch avenue kyeemagh (it has been upgraded from the pics in the ramps forum) so there you have it, only basic info and others might give you more detailed info but i hope that helps.
  10. Outnumbered


    PM sent, hope that helps.
  11. G'day all i have a cruise tank that has a fuel sender unit in it but i dont have the gauge for it. is there any way to test the sender to make sure it works before i buy a gauge? and do i need to identify the brand or type of sender to get the correct gauge?
  12. i had the exact same problem, eventually it siezed up totaly (after a long period of no use) the rod at the end of the cable had stuck in the tube at the engine mount. after i undid the nut connecting the motor to the cable i put a cloth around the rod and used vice grips and a can of lanox to slowly free it up. eventually i was able to totaly remove the rod and used a bottle brush (the kind you clean babies bottles with) to clean out the houseing. after refitting the rod and reconnecting the motor it all works perfectly again and now i just keep it lubricated with lanox after each outing or a quick spray each fortnight if i havent used the boat. dont use grease or petrolium based products (like wd40) as lubricant as they will just gunk it all up again.
  13. i don't do salt and viniger i think the salt toughens it up i use a cheap and nasty ($30 off the net) electric slicer to cut stips about 1/2 cm thick. i cant remember the cut of meat i use but it's the belly flap of beef, my local butcher makes his own too and put me on to it, its about $3 / kilo and after about half an hour in the freezer it slices nicely and has little fat content. another great use for your dehydrator is to peel core and puree apples then pour the puree on grease proof paper and dehydrate for roll up type snacks.
  14. i use my dehydrator to make mine too, BBQ sauce with mint viniger is nice and i also do some in the "dry rub" style. just rub some of your favorite spice mix's on the meat before dehydrating, lemon basil and thyme, smokie BBQ seasoning and chilli are my three favorites just dont go overboard with the spices as the flavours seem to come out stronger.
  15. if you want to use the clip all you need to do is twist the line a few times creating a loop then put the loop on the clip release, that will stop the mainline running back through the clip. works best if your using mono.