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  1. Best riding tinny in its class by far. You won't be disappointed
  2. Top choice mate. I went through the same process and was very close to buying that same boat but ended up with a Topender
  3. Thanks guys for the feed back. Can anyone tell me is Murray's ramp suitable for solo launch and retrieve?
  4. Hi guys, Im looking at going down to jb next week and will be taking my 5 metre boat down with me. As ive never been down there can anyone suggest a caravan park or other accommodation that I am able to park my boat along side us. Nothing to fancy as we will be out fishing all day we only need somewhere to sleep. cheers guys.
  5. 300 hours is not a lot. I had a Yamaha 4 stroke on my last boat which I sold last year and it had 750 hours without a problem but I did service it every 100 hours. The motor was 6 years old. My new boat has another Yamaha 4 stroke I have had since September last year and I'm already on 124 hours and its not even a year old.
  6. Great work mate! Out of curiosity what size boat were you guys fishing from?
  7. Thanks Beaver. I will look at doing the course myself in the near future. So on a final note you can't be fined or get in any trouble with the law for not doing the course and using your VHF but its best practice to do the course?
  8. Hi guys I have a question regarding VHF radio. If you have not completed the course for VHF and you have a VHF in your boat and want to fish outside say Sydney harbour are you not allowed to contact Sydney marine rescue via VHF and log on because you are not qualified to use the radio?
  9. The shot was taken at elkington park in birchgrove looking at the iron cove bridge
  10. Hi clutch, thanks for your feedback. I am using a Nikon D90, i love it. I would recommend this camera to anyone. I have taken so many good shots with this camera. Buy a DSLR and you will never look at a point and shoot again. Cheers Thesquidking
  11. Hi guys thanks for the positive feed back. Cheers Thesquidking
  12. I took this pic while fishing for jew