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  1. Yes - got a gig @ Kings College Auckland. Bit of a change hopefully.
  2. Hi Tony - I think you might be right on the work front... I struggled in Sydney in terms of dreaming about fishing. I'm worried how I'm going to go when I know there are. 30kg + Kings to catch less than 2 hrs away!! The boat IS a Surtees Barcrusher. Surtees is the Brand, Barcrusher is the model. The Barcrusher boats in oz are similar but not the same. Apparently there is some legal stuff going on...
  3. In the process of moving over to NZ for a new job starting in January. Currently over here for a couple of weeks to sort out a few things. Getting my priorities right a boat was high up on my list of the first things to get sorted out. After having spent the past 2 months researching EVERY 2nd hand boat in NZ I finally found one that was reasonably priced. Viewed and bought it last Monday - managed to persuade the Mrs to let me go out on it last Thursday and Friday. It's a Surtees 610 Barcrusher. I will repower it with a 4 stroke (faarrkk it's thirsty with the current 135hp 2 banger!) but fo
  4. Nice one mate - good picture/screen shot. I had exactly the same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago at the Peak. Also a Furuno sounder - it was so clear on mine it actually looked like a whale shape!!
  5. Great work Mike - you know what i described you as before....... WIll have to catch up for a fish soon mate - 2 more weeks of footy! I will have to keep a few of the 'coutas i have been catching whilst jigging.
  6. Good work fellas. Seems you can catch Kings afterall Groper! Nice work. Engine sounds like its treating you well. How far did you travel on those 25 litres?
  7. Great work fellas - especially off the rocks!
  8. Nice work Groper - no more smelly two stroke eh :-) Hope it serves you well.
  9. Well done mate. That is a good size to open your account with, and an even better effort considering it was land based. As to your gear - that's not heavy :-) for kingies go big otherwise you will get your ar$e kicked!
  10. Nice one Jeff - about time you cracked the metre! Good fish
  11. I drove past shortly after all this action had taken place and can confirm they got smashed by big fish. Nothing to do with gear failure or bad knots. Big fish plain and simple. There was an element of inexperience and probably shock on the anglers part, but these were big fish. There were numerous meter plus fish caught in the harbour yesterday. 114 was the biggest I know of.
  12. Hi I am going up to Forster area over new year and it would be rude to not take the boat right? Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some marks for likely Kingy grounds? I have got a rough idea but my time on the water will be limited so I want to at least have a bit of a start instead of aimlessly driving around. Any help gladly appreciated. Cheers Jim
  13. Stay persistent - Time on the water definitely helps... The fish are there you just have to keep moving until you find them OR be patient enough to stay in one spot until they find you. I am never patient enough to wait!
  14. Good report. Are you sure that they were slimies and not bonito?? 45cm slimy is a pretty big one. Did they have teeth?
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