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  1. cogo44

    Harbour after the full moon

    It's usually better around the new moon rather than the full moon off Sydney. However, looking back at our records, there have been plenty of exceptions. How many fishos go out religiously according to the solunar tables?
  2. cogo44


    Last Friday, among some average sized flathead south of The Heads, there were heaps of good sized whiting and spiky flathead attacking the baits. The strong current was the only problem as it picked up around midday.A good sized flounder even came on board in sixty metres of water. Very unusual we thought.
  3. cogo44

    Long Reef Monday 19/12/2017

    The flatties are lying low to come out to play on Saturday at Long Reef - hopefully!
  4. cogo44

    First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    The price you pay mate for leaving the Northern Beaches!
  5. cogo44


    On Tuesday, we found flatties as well as morwong on the chew wide off Collaroy and Long Reef despite a strong current that made it difficult most of the time. In close, we only found juveniles. The size of the flathead were much bigger than we have recently found south of the Heads.
  6. cogo44

    First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Your report makes for great reading and good on you for realising your passion. To get a council sticker, go to the council building in Dee Why and they will get you to sign a statutory declaration when you show them proof that you live in the council area. You will get two stickers issued to you on the spot. Good luck mate and enjoy your fishing.
  7. cogo44

    Fishing to the south of Sydney

    A charter skipper told me this year that two trawlers do operate sometimes in close off the area south of the Heads. I had also thought that they were restricted to further out from the coast. Apparently not so!
  8. cogo44

    Fishing to the south of Sydney

    You can certainly get flathead not too far south of The Heads so long as you get a good drift going. I reckon that gurnard is just about equal to flathead on eating quality.
  9. cogo44

    Sydney Sunday.

    Went out on Monday and moved around an area out from North Head. Mowies and keeper snapper were around and once we got to the sand areas some decent flathead and numerous whiting were snagged. While the wind was 10 knots and down to 5 knots by 1.00pm, we still experienced numerous monumental tangles. One sage on board claimed that the current is slow on the dark of the moon but picks up around the full moon. Not sure about that! Any ideas? Nevertheless a good time on the water with enough action to please everyone on board.
  10. cogo44

    One drift - triple bag out

    A week earlier, the flatties were in numbers off Curl Curl but the sizes of the fish caught were modest.
  11. cogo44

    Port Hacking

    Landed more tailor off the Waverley Cemetery to Vaucluse area on Thursday than I can remember. Plenty of fish on the sounder but they weren't particularly hungry. The current was going against the wind making for. Very slow drift. At least we finally got out on the water!
  12. Great report writing makes for an excellent read. Well done! We use one pound sinkers all the time and rarely go lower. However, we usually fish in 60 - 70 metres off Sydney and our best catch is nearly always flathead. The days of catching 1.5 kilo (cleaned) flathead however seem to be in the past as anything over one kilo is likely these days to take the fish of the day prize unless a fat mowie comes on board. Keeper snapper on the drift are also few and far between.
  13. cogo44

    Slow day

    Drifting off the Stink Pipe was the go for flatties on Thursday.
  14. cogo44

    Slow day

    Chinese just adore pigfish. Steaming them is the way to go. By the way, the flathead were on the bite south of the Heads on Thursday. We scored our best catch this year.
  15. cogo44

    Lizards springing into action

    The flatties were also on the bite at Long Reef last Sunday with some large jackets also in the mix. Two whales also came within thirty metres of our boat and circling it before diving deep. Wow!