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  1. jimg1au

    Braked boat trailers

    PLETHORA thanks for that info i have a 4.5 quintrex c/c and the trailer is a tinka it has to get inspected every year and is just under the weight of having to have brakes rego is very expensive for it. will take to get it weighed after i get the boat off and onto the grass.the trailer is 50x50 square frame full rocker roller tilt trailer.it also has a big old hydroylic brake tow hitch i might change to get weight down has mini wheels as well
  2. jimg1au

    Old days

    used lots of the reels on these pages we used to get my gear from st vincent de paul shop in mortdale ther even sold guns back then still have dads mitchel reels and his everol my brother has the older game reels and overheads my dad could sure cast them even the tattler always had the big gear out on the boat an old timber boat the my dad put a gearbox in it so we could go faster.it was mored in the georges in oatley
  3. jimg1au

    Which size electric motor

    those CTeks are great i plug mine into a lead om my ducati charges battery great slow charge is best
  4. jimg1au

    Fishing ponds/lakes around Macarthur NSW region?

    you could try on the rivers at menangle and douglas park you can drive real close to the river search with google earth
  5. jimg1au

    frozen burley logs

    hi is there anywhere in southern sydney or south to kiama that sells these i have a bait freized and my wife wants it gone as i allways bring stuff back to refreeze for burley if i could buy these a couple of days before i am sure we wont need to have the old frezer on its not even a frost free one atm its got just bread and some pilchards in it thanks jim
  6. jimg1au

    Custom Rods from Caringbah

    used to go to kens every thursday night played crib with him as my dad taught me to play closed shop then over the road to caringbah hotel good days them in the 80s member of caringbah anglers meet a great bloke there caled mick we are still mates fished a lot of comps with him lives in narooma now but has done for years
  7. jimg1au

    There is always a bigger fish (or shark)

    in the port hacking 100 some years ago a boat weighed a mako like that it weighed 80kgs not allowed in point a much bigger mako to the rest in one go
  8. jimg1au


    Been though the narooma bar hundreds of times you need to be carefull and know what you are doing runout tide noreaster blowing dont go out I been at the bar in a sharkcat decided to fish in the inlet that day
  9. jimg1au

    Gps epirb

    Thanks for the reply
  10. jimg1au

    Gps epirb

    Looking to buy a gps epirb is there any major differentes between the epirbs on the market lots on ebay
  11. jimg1au

    REPOWER or New Boat ???

    if the engine is good except for the piston just put a new powerhead on save coin and if all the other cyl have the same comp you could just put an oversize piston in and go again.
  12. jimg1au

    Quinny restoration

    i have the c/c version it was rebuilt in 2007 still great boat as said before look for people in your area who can fix your windscreen i did it on an old v-sea they used the old screen as a template jim
  13. jimg1au

    boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    HI my trailer dose not have brakes but it still needed inspection as the weight on the rego is 750kg the rule for brakes is 751kg and over its a bit over kill as my boat is a 4.5 quninne fish raider c/c i go to a guy who knows the rules and it passed ok jim
  14. thanks yes it is a little different my fuel tant is in the big seat/kill tank so its useless for storage.mine also has a bigger fordeck as well
  15. hi how did you get the floor up in the 4.5m fishrader thanks