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  1. I am in Wilton if you want a crew let me know port Kembla shell harbour or Kiama have my own gear
  2. Cleaning out my shed found two old led sounders one with cables anyone want them for the cost of post or going in the bin next week
  3. The biggest snapper I have caught was 52 cm in 8feet of water at the back of jibbon bommie south of cronulla biggest bream was 45cm in 4feet of water in the oyster leases in botany Bay were Georges River enters not very sporting used 20lb line and ugly stick if you didn't give it to them the cut you off all the time also you only had two hours to fish as well the leases are gone now it was a great place to fish
  4. Thanks again to everyone not sure when it will be within twelve months have to sell our house first
  5. Thanks for the replys
  6. Looking at moving to the port Stephens area and would like to know if my boat would be ok outside fishing around Broughton Island on good days Quintrex 4.5 fishraider centre console all refit 2007 new motor 50hp tohatsu and 18 auxiliary sounder and radio Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the reply so you could rig them up anyway realy
  8. How do you rig up soft plastics to drift with I would like to try that Thanks
  9. 1986 my first new boat 18ft shark cat .game fishing from a 28 berty with botany bay game fishing club our boat won other gamefish trophy 3 years in a row mostly yellowfin there were lots out at the shelf.loved catching the 30kg ones on 12lb line some days there would be acers of them all round the boat feeding on pillies mostly 15-20kgs good to eat that size
  10. when i fished with botany bay gfc there was a guy who colected the smaller sharks and feed them to his greyhounds
  11. used to catch blackfish there as a kid run out tide brother used to catch jewies from oatley point
  12. just on facebook boats forsale nsw 4.5 quintrex for sale 4500 worh a look if thats what you want
  13. bought mine on gumtree 4.5 qunnie s/c reef raider all refirbed in 2007 wth 50 toh and an 18 toh all in good condition new colour sounder/ plotter ect paid 6k safty gear included took it out first time leaked like a sive loots of water in boat.took it home put lots of rain water from our tanks in it found the leak the two bungs were pop riverted to the hull one each side broken and no sealer so lots of sicafelx 3 new alloy sealed pop riverts all good now
  14. jimg1au

    Braked boat trailers

    PLETHORA thanks for that info i have a 4.5 quintrex c/c and the trailer is a tinka it has to get inspected every year and is just under the weight of having to have brakes rego is very expensive for it. will take to get it weighed after i get the boat off and onto the grass.the trailer is 50x50 square frame full rocker roller tilt trailer.it also has a big old hydroylic brake tow hitch i might change to get weight down has mini wheels as well
  15. jimg1au

    Old days

    used lots of the reels on these pages we used to get my gear from st vincent de paul shop in mortdale ther even sold guns back then still have dads mitchel reels and his everol my brother has the older game reels and overheads my dad could sure cast them even the tattler always had the big gear out on the boat an old timber boat the my dad put a gearbox in it so we could go faster.it was mored in the georges in oatley