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  1. luderick59

    Blackfish on the chew

    see how you go with a shorter trace about 35cm
  2. luderick59

    Beach This Morning

    HI KB keep blackfish intestines squeeze out contents wash in salt water it looks the same as a beachworm works for me
  3. luderick59

    Blackfish/Rockfishing reel

    the aurora blackfish rod is my favourite rod off the rocks for the price you cant beat it
  4. luderick59

    Last fish for Luderick for this year 2016

    i notice a lot of blackfish fishermen tie a half hitch or two to keep fish in keeper nets an easier way is to cut a one inch cut both sides of a tennis ball and thread rope through easy to slide up and down to lock fish in hope this helps peter
  5. luderick59

    PB luderick

    what rod are you using?
  6. luderick59

    First black drummer and luderick

    hardest fighting fish you will catch off the rocks similar to groper but more aggressive my favourite eating fish by far filleted and skinned yum
  7. luderick59

    Fishing for drummer around the washes off a boat

    fish close in to rocks at old mans hat swell permitting berley with bread cooked prawns or cunji for bait fresh doughy bread also good use no1 size hooks and the smallest ball sinker 20lb line very big drummer near the waterfall 10meters east of the hat good luck and hang on and don't forget the landing net
  8. luderick59

    Live Yakkas off the beach

    tried that a few times but for all the hard work catching and carrying it was not worth it salmon and tailor would eat them all the time I take the backbone and tail out and leave two fillets still attached to the head put hook through mouth and out only on one side of fillet that leaves the other fillet to wave in the current try using a longer trace as well I use 4/0 to 8/0 hooks worth a try peter
  9. luderick59

    Homemade line twist remover

    learn to cast a centerpin by just using a ball sinker in the park using the tension nut screwed up fairly tight then slowly loosen the tension nut after each cast practice this until you get no overruns once mastered no swivels needed and no line twist peter
  10. luderick59

    Off Garie - Sunday 21.2.16

    look for a new barber
  11. luderick59

    Woah thats scary!

    I hooked a pike eel in narrabeen lake years ago while fishing from my dingy after jewfish it was as long as the dingy 8ft cut it off straight away 20mins later hooked it again same fish good fight on a handline but scary looking fish
  12. luderick59

    Narrabeen Lake Blackfish

    good catch DYMAN good to see them back in the lake is there any lice in the lake or did you ware waders peter
  13. luderick59


    tire the fish out in the deeper water then use the waves to land the fish sideways by walking along the beach good luck on your next fish
  14. luderick59

    The black disease

    don't worry it happens to all of us [luderick addiction]very hard to give up peter
  15. luderick59

    Lets talk Jewie Hunting - Narrabeen Lagoon and the Beach

    try nth curl curl just in front of steps to pool rod holes are there in rocks safe spot in any tide cast in direction of south curly surf club fresh baits of tailor squid and slimeys are best this spot can really fire but you have to fish it often to get it wired tip allways take a 6ft gaff and have it handy put it in one of the rod holes