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  1. phild

    Fishing Mollymook/ulladulla

    Hi JT, there is some great fishing to be had down mollymook way, they area I know best is around lake Conjola so Ill stick to that. just north at Bendalong is red head there is good rock fishing for drummer, groper etc. You should find plenty of kings and sambos around this time too. Life bait a plenty here traveling south towards ulladulla you get to green island which is another good rock fishing sight for the species above. In between is Manyana beach where you can pick up Sambos and the odd Jewie if condtions are good. In the lake theres top esturey fishing for whiting, bream, and Flatties (signiture sp. of the lake - some real crocs come out every year especially at the steps) heading down towards Mollymook theres a Loooonnnggg stretch of beach with limitless gutters and holes for all the beach species listed above. From there my knowledge runs a little short but I hear there are some great headlands around ulladulla to chase all kinds of things, ask at the tackle shop in town their helpfull with everything. Offshore the fishing can be awesome for everything from snapper to marlin depending on condtions and your boat. You can also chase bass in the hills hope that helps cheers Phil
  2. All sentiments I agree with Ross, but I also implore people to be informed on what the alternitves being offered to the rec fisho are. We must not forget that it was libreal / Nat goverments who put into place the managment practices that created so many of our current problems, for example do we all remember the kingy traps, longlinning, rapeing of the bluefin fishery all Lib/Nat managment practices. Whilst i agree that we have to fight the green marine park initative, we also have to make sure the bad old days of king traps etc are not brought back by the other mob. Whilst I urge people to fight the M.P's I also urge people to lobby any alternitive to the green/labour goverment to ensure there is no shift the other way and we return to the very bad old days. Just my thoughts
  3. phild

    Coming To Town

    Brian yes the fishings getting better every year and you will find your old spots are once again fireing and the old techniques still work well. Its just were all fashion victims in Sydney and need to keep up with the joneses hence everyone wanting a downrigger. cheers phil PS I remember a school of rat yellowfin in the same spot in that year
  4. phild

    Heres One For You

    Bumbow - sorry iceman not a dogtooth Butterfly
  5. phild

    Vanuatu Pics

    Well done mate you finally did it, its an awesome place isnt it.
  6. phild

    Strudwick Softbodz 6'6" 1-3kg Spinning Rod

    LL your mail box is full, thanks but the the original offer is what Im sticking with. I can send payment tomorrow if he wants a sale
  7. phild

    Strudwick Softbodz 6'6" 1-3kg Spinning Rod

    Offer still stand LL let me know soon though as Im on the hunt!
  8. phild

    Fs: Shimano Tld15 & 15-24kg Rod.

    Have PM'd
  9. phild

    Browns Mountain

    Spooled again, I dont mean to sound patronisng so please dont take it that way but if your asking this question then you are not ready to go out to Browns by yourself. The first trip to Browns is a very daunting experince, you cant see land and get disorinatated easily Iwould highly recomend you get your sea legs at places like the Peak and the 12 mile before taking on Browns. When your confident at these places and your boating skills i.e how to log on with the coast gaurd, using safety gear (in an emergancey situation), boat handiling skills etc then take on Browns with a buddy boat. Belive me I learnt the hard way with my old boat sinking in 30seconds flat almost killing me and two mates. Luckily I was only 5ks out to sea and got picked up by a passing boat. What haunts me is the week before I was at browns and came across makos with dorsal fins the size of a boogy board. If it happend there I wouldnt be writing this now Id be DEAD cheers Phil
  10. phild

    Record Bream

  11. phild

    Middle Harbour

    Great fish and respect you for making the decison to return the fish, the small ones are better eating any way less dioxins
  12. phild

    Botany Bay Sunday

    You have slimy Mackreal and a lone frigate mackreal (tuna looking one)
  13. phild

    Doggy Supporters

    Yes as a life time supporter of the dogs it does hurt to see, but still it wouldnt hurt as that massive hit by shrek on the tigers big mouth. GO THE DOGGIES
  14. phild

    Skiing At Swansea

    The problem with swansea is the air tempreture dosent get down low enough to greate snow and consequently the last few seasons (since the last ice age) have been crap. Id try perisher or thredbo
  15. phild

    New Outboards

    You know my opinon Pete, why muck around with an old unrelible inboard engine when you can have the bliss of twin 200's. Id go the 4/ and IMO with the work you do in the pigfuel consumption will not be an issue. I smoke and have never had an issue with petrol dangers, again IMO this is a firthy, we didnt blow up when we went out on my boat and the tanks are plastic hidden under the hatch. Im 100% confident the Noosa cat came with outboards and am very very confident they would power the boat very nicely. I went on a charter on a Noosa cat in Noosa with twins and it was a fantastic set up. GO THE OUTBOARDS